Oremonogatari Manga Review

Also known as It’s My Story. Please note that this is review of the manga series, I have not seen the anime adaptation by studio Madhouse yet. The manga is written by Kawahara Kazune and drawn by Aruko, and ran from October of 2011 to July of 2016, it is 13 volumes long



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Gouda Takeo (left) is the protagonist of the series. He is in high school, that is face of a high school boy. He is innocent and pure as hell, and this is both for good and bad. He is ridiculously strong and is trained in martial arts. He is also very much in love with Yamato.

Yamato Rinko (middle) is the heroine of the series, and Takeo’s girlfriend. She is so slutty that she wants to hold hands with Takeo and have him call her by her first name, can you get any pervier than that? Jokes aside, she is ridiculously sweet and kind. And she is very much in love with Takeo.

Sunakawa Makoto aka Suna (right) is Takeo’s best friend. He and Takeo have known each other for all their lives. He is very reserved and wants nothing more than Takeo to be happy. He is very handsome, so a lot of girls approach him, but he is waiting for the right one. He is often the advisor Takeo and Yamato rely on for pretty much everything.



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This is a spin on the classic beauty and the beast story where the beast is Takeo, the overly macho manly man and his beauty Yamato, the overly girly girl. They become a couple and do couple things sans sex.

This is a romantic slice of life, that is the whole plot. Nothing exceptional happens.


the Good

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You guys already know I like cute things, and that is one thing this series has. Yamato is adorable, Takeo is adorable, and the two together is adorable. This show is cute to a point where it will give you and the stranger next to you diabetes. Both characters are innocent as shit so all this dating thing is new to them and their awkward trying can be fun to watch.


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I appreciate the fact that the two main leads become a thing early on, this is a rarity in manga and anime, which freaking sucks. The industry deify the pursuit and don’t really go into what happens afterwards, glad more and more series are doing this, like I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying.

The series is short, I am not saying this in a sarcastic way. Short series make up for their lack to content, literally having less amount than longer series, by condensing the material. I like how Takeo and Yamato’s relationship started fast, rather than spending 4 years to relay each others’ feeling, here is looking at you Nisekoi. Sure there are good number of throw away chapters, but the shole series is only 13 volumes, pretty short for a shonen.


the Bad

Nothing out of the ordinary happens here. Apart from the premise that Takeo is not classically handsome, there is nothing that makes this unique from any other romnatic comedies. At least Nisekoi had the “stopping the gang violence” shtick going, this has what…. Takeo’s big and Yamato’s small?


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So much of the story is dedicated to Takeo talking about how much he loves Yamato. I was so fed up with how frequent he brings up this topic I almost abandoned the whole series. He seriously says “Yamato, I love you” like every single chapter, I get it, but there are other ways to relay this message rather than repeating the same thing every single chapter.


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The side characters only exist to do one run off arcs and make a cameo at the very end. One character I really liked was Suna’s sister who has crush on Takeo. She has her arc and she is more or less forgotten about. There is this rival girl, she has her arc and is forgotten about. There is this kinda-douche bag that becomes okay, he has an arc and is forgotten about. My problem with this is that they felt like props for a scene to happen rather than characters. If they didn’t exist, I don’t think the story would change all that much.


So ending and last volume spoilers below, if you don’t want spoilers, skip right to “Verdict”.




Now that you’ve been warned, here we go. In the last volume, Rinko has to move to Spain because of her Dad’s job. She goes to Spain for a year, so Rinko and Takeo start a long distance relationship. And then the dumbest excuse for drama ever happens.

In the past, I talked about how a lot of slice of life animes try to pull dramatic last episode because they felt like they had to, this exact thing happens here are it is completely stupid. So Rinko and Takeo want to go to the same university, because that should be your main deciding factor looking into schools, and Takeo is busting his ass raising his grades, but Rinko is having issues adjusting to Spain and her grades are slipping. She gets depressed and calls Takeo, she tells him she is so lonely. And Takeo tells her, “I’ve made you lonely, I am bad boyfriend, we should break up” and hangs up on Rinko. Like what the fuck, are you this stupid? Then Suna slaps him, and Takeo changes his mind instantly and flies to Spain within an hour, finds Rinko, proposes to her, and everyone ends up happy. This ending was so fucking terrible.

Rinko is having hard time adjusting to Spain, okay, fine. But it’s not like she was there alone. She was there with her family, and it seems like she was there for good chunk of ime, like months. And she still can’t buy and fucking fan from a store. I went to United States by myself in high school, and I adjusted within 2 weeks. What the hell is she doing? I’ve been to Japan and bought 10 figures, and I barely speak the language, to buy something at a store is really easy, she just have to get her shit together.

Takeo’s exceptionally backwards thinking has been an issue throughout the whole damn series and here it is again. He puts Rinko on a pedestal, thinks she is this fragile napkin made of glass, and constantly thinks he is not good for her. This would’ve been okay from beginning to middle, but at the end? This just shows me that he has learned nothing. And why ditch his girlfriend in time of her lowest? Wouldn’t just going over there to Spain make more sense than dumping her? And his resolve was so week that he immediately changes his mind to do what I just said.



  • Will I read it again? No. There are better romance stories out there, and there is not too much memorable about this series apart from the basic premise.
  • Do I recommend it? If you like cute things and that alone is enough to float your boat, then yes. If not no, I am very disappointed in how little I got out of this series. Nothing surprised me in any way shape or form.


Final Thoughts

I started reading this on a whim, I have no idea when it started. This was something to read while pooping, nothing serious and I can finish it really quick. I was never invested in the series, honestly if Rink and Takeo broke up, it may have led to something really different.

The whole series was okay, nothing terrible, nothing great. But the last volume, as mentioned above, was shitty as all hell. It felt very rushed and came out of nowhere with Takeo just making bad decision.

I might see the anime, but the manga was meh. If you liked it, let me know what about it was great!



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