Kobayashi-san chi no Dragon Maid

Kobayashi-san chi no Dragon Maid aka Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an anime adaptation of manga of same name, written and drawn by Coolkyoushinja. The anime adaptation was made by Kyoto Animation. The anime first aired in January of 2017 and the last episode was on April of 2017.



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Kobayashi-san is the protagonist of the series. She works as a computer engineer (?) at a company and is taking care of Tohru and Kanna. She is very rational and can be cynical at times, but she is very caring to those she loves.


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Tohru is the titular dragon maid. She is a full fledged dragon disguising herself as a humanoid. Despite her looks, she is rather complicated as she has this deep disrespect and animosity towards humans, but is willing to get along with them to get closer to her love, Kobayashi-san.


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Kanna Kamui aka Kobayashi Kanna is another dragon that resides in Kobayashi residence. As you can see she is a baby dragon, I mean she is probably a lot older than humans but in terms of dragons, she’s a baby. She sees Kobayashi as mother figure and Tohru as older sister figure.



On one drunk stupor, Kobayashi goes into a forest and finds a dragon from another world, and tells this dragon to come live at her house as a maid. So the dragon does just that. And now, Kobayashi lives with a dragon maid.


the Bad

The show sometimes has this dark side, not black comedy, but more like how Tohru has this resentment built up inside her. I am not saying this is bad in any way, I just have a problem with the execution of how it was done in the show. While the comedy is going smoothly, it feels like hand brake was applied for startling stop so the dark part can come out for a second and we all return to comedy. This abrupt brake feels very artificial,I liked the darker parts, I just wish it was handled differently.


One of the side characters, Lucoa, is… very sexual. And for whatever reason, she is drawn to this young boy, young as in like elementary. And she constantly beratesĀ him with her body, and the poor kid has no fcking clue what to do, he doesn’t know why he is flustered. I don’t mind that Lucoa is sexual, but I do mind that her target is a child. And this very ecchi does not seem to float with the rest of the atmosphere. Sure Tohru, Lucoa, and Elma all have sexy figures, but Tohru and Elma are nowhere near as rapey as Lucoa. The ecchi parts seem to stick out so much.


the Good

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This show is extremely cute~~~~. Especially Kanna. The show knew exactly how to make a characters cute. Apart from Kanna, pretty much everyone is cute as well. Fafnir is a cursed dragon who hates humans, but falls in love with videogames and now lives together with Kobayashi’s coworker. Elma enters the show as enemy to Tohru, but falls in love with food and decide to focus just on that. They are all cute.


Unlike Gabriel Drop Out, the show takes full advantage of the fact that Tohru and Kanna are not human. From the-fish-out-of-water stories like them learning what internet and schools are to going full on Dragon Ball Z while playing dodge ball. Onf of my favorite parts was Tohru and Kanna playing on seesaw, and almost looking a surface-to-space balistic weapon.

Further emphasizing this, the fact that the main characters are dragons are accentuated multiple times. There are other mystical creatures in the story apart from dragons, but dragons are feared. Dragon meat is tasty, so Tohru tried to feed Kobayashi her tail, her actual tail you pervs, many times. Tohru is also so powerful she can change weather with her magic. This biological difference was important.


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You know how I complain about how slice-of-life shows tend to up the drama in the last episode (or last 2 episodes) for needless climatic ending? I think Dragon Maid nailed it in doing this right. Throughout the whole series, we see glimpse of Tohru’s dilemma being in the human world, as well as her troubles with her father. This is set up really early in the show and is constantly, but not excessively, brought up. So when the dramatic things do happen in finale, it felt so natural and something the whole season was amounting to rather than something slapped on at the end to create drama for drama’s sake, like how it as handled in Oremonogatari.



  • Will I watch it again? The whole series…. maybe not. But I will watch episode here and there again. Not enough to rewatch the whole series, but more than enough for a youtube clip.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, especially if you like cute things. If you like slice-of-life with hint of fantasy, this is a good one.


Final Thoughts

I started watching this looking for something light hearted and cute, and I got that and a bit more. I am not going to say a lot more, since it wasn’t life changing or anything, but I did not expect to see slice-of-life that ends with rather (relatively) epic fight that works well. As mentioned as before this ending is not something many slice-of-life comedy does well, and this one did well. I was surprised by that.

This show was adorable, Kanna is my desktop wallpaper (to be fair, I have mine setup so it auto-rotates images). I hope the series does not end here, I want to see more dragons~.

I hope you liked it!



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