FFXV Platinum Demo

So this is a demo. The reason why I am talking about this is because my quick research shows that this takes place before the main game.



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Noctis, the protagonist is a young boy having a dream. He cares about his father, that is pretty much all you gather here.


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Carbuncle is the magical guide that helps Noctis through this dream world. Seems cute enough, I have no idea if it’s part of Noctis’ dream or something from the outside.



There is barely a story. Noctis is dreaming, and Carbuncle takes him through various dreams to help him wake up.



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Mind you, I have not played FFXV yet. The gameplay feels like more smoother version of Kingdom Heart in that it is more streamlined, but not so much Final Fantasy. There is no turn based combat, I don’t mind the shift in direction.


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I don’t know if this is because in the dream, but Noctis can transform into cars and animals. This is probably in place for the driving tutorial.


the Good

Related image

Well, the world is beautiful, the town areas are so colorful and detailed. The lights are vibrant and you cannot look away from them.


Image result for ffxv platinum demo loading

The spectacles are nice, by that I mean you see gigantic creatures flying across the sky, and it really gives you the scale of you and the fantasy within.


the Bad

Image result for ffxv platinum demo loading

Even for a demo, the loading times and the lag were noticeable. Since this is not a final game, I didn’t expect it to be perfect, but there was a lot of loading and lots of laggy moments, especially during fights.


Image result for ffxv platinum demo nightmare

The aiming seemed to work sometimes but not always. I found this to be more annoying than intuitive. I wish they looked more closely to something like Dark Souls, since that is what this reminded me of.

The game does not do too much explanation, almost none really. There are these crystals, and you collect them I guess, I don’t know why. Is it money? Is it health? Is it exp? Seems like health since I lose some when I get hit, but it also seems like it opens up things when you get enough of them. But none of this is clearly explained.



  • Will I play this again? No, since the main game is out, I will move onto that.
  • Do I recommend this? No, if you have the main game. And not sure if you don’t have the main game. This seemed more like a virtual tour than a demo since Noctis is gimped version of himself.


Final Thoughts

This is a quick thing about a quick demo.

I am going to be watching FFXV Brotherhood anime as apparently that is the next in line for FFXV. I also need to finish playing FFII…. so many games, so little time.


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