Music of Disgaea: Top 10 Favorites

It has been awhile since I yepped about Disgaea, so here are some of my favorite musics from the great makai chronicles:


10. Dramatic Devil Story (Disgaea D2)

Great boss theme, what else is there to tell?

9. Running Fire (Disgaea 1)

Every time I think of Disgaea combat song, this is the one that I think of every single time. It is exciting, fun, and mischievous, as how demons should be with fire.


8. Roar of the Netherworld / Whisper of Hell (Disgaea 1 and D2)

This is probably one of the most iconic piece of music from the whole series. I love all versions of it, but I liked D2 version the best.


7. Last Engage (Disgaea 4)

To me, Disgaea 4 feels like rebirth of a series. Disgaea 1 was great. Disgaea 2 was good, and Disgaea 3 was rather disappointing. And then Disgaea 4 blew things out of the water with best gameplay up to that point, story rivaling the original’s and all this was introduce with Last Engage.


6. Poem of the Vagabond (Disgaea 3)

Unlike most of the songs on this list, this one is so lonely.


5. Cradle Over (Disgaea D2)

Although I wasn’t the biggest fan if Disgaea D2, I loved the opening theme. It reminded me of the good old animes I used to watch when I was a kid!


4. Makai Theater (Disgaea 4)

Another great one. This one sounds very mischievous to me. Like demons marching to some weird party.

3. Makai Fugue (Disgaea 3)

This is so grand and feel like the something that would play in an Overlord’s castle.


2. Magnificient Dark Family (Disgaea 2)

I just love this song. This feels like Disgaea, a little weird, little mischiveous, but all fun.


1. Sinful Rose (Disgaea 2)

The original Disgaea animation! It would not be an exaggeration to say this opening and song was what got me into Disgaea. I first found about Disgaea in a forum and thought it was an anime, then I saw Sinful Rose and thougth to myself, I need to see this. Then I found out it was a game, then started my Disgaea obsession. And it is still a great!


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