Udon no Kuni no Kin Iro Kemari Anime Review

Also known as Poco’s Udon World, is not really about Udon. The anime is an adaptation based on manga of the same name by Shinomaru Nodoka. The anime was made by studio Liden Films. It has 12 episodes and aired from October to December of 2016.



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Tawara Souta is the protagonist of the story. He used to live in Kagawa but he moved to Tokyo to pursue his career in graphic design, abandoning his father and the udon shop, or so he thinks.


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Poco is the tanuki that pretends to be a little boy, he is so freaking cute. He is innocence taking physical form. He is cute, but can be childish at times. He cries very often and is mostly depending on Souta for …. like everything.



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Souta took a real long vacation from his job in Tokyo to clean up his old house since their father recently passed away. And returning here after so long is emotional. In his kitchen, he meets a boy sleeping in one of the large pots. The boy and Souta gets along, then Souta finds out that the boy is a tanuki disguising himself as a child. And the two start living together.

Souta and Poco, the tanuki, start forming father-son relationship and this triggers a lot of memories from Souta’s past, things he loved, things he forgot, and things he regret.


the Bad

What is in a name? Well, misinformation here. The title of the series is Poco’s Udon World, it is not about Poco’s world interpretation and there is barely any udon. I blame this on the translation/ localization as the original title is “The golden furball of udon country,” which talks about Poco, the furball from a land that is known for udon. The English title made me think this was a cooking anime, which this is not. And the fact that the first episode was called Bukakke Udon, made me chuckle, I know, I am immature.


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So Poco is a tanuki, a raccoon dog. But I feel that this plays minimally throughout most of the series. Sure it becomes important in the finale, but until then, this fact is just a hindrance. For 80% of the season, if Poco was a normal orphan boy, almost nothing would’ve changed. I feel like the creators could’ve taken more advantage of this like how it was done in Kobayashi-san no Dragon Maid. Still the set up was better used than Gabriel Drop Out


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There is this fictional character within this fictional story called Gaogao-kun, honestly, I couldn’t care about him. He is an alien character from a show Poco loves. At the end of every episode 4-5 minutes are dedicated to this guy… I wish that time was spent more on the main story, but that is just me.


the Good

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Let’s start with this, the show is muthafricking adorable. It is so damn cute. Poco is just a pure hearted boy in every sense of the word. And not just him, pretty much every character in the show was adorable in their own way. Nakajima cares so much for Souta but also wants to be the “cool” friend so he tries to act tough. Rinko misses her mom and dad so much but tries to keep her cool because she is the older sibling. The characters were great.


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Some parts of the show really gets you right in the feels. But it does not kick you while you are down, like how Clannad After Story does. The show did this just right. The stories has this melancholic and nostalgic feel to them, so anyone over their teenage years can feel the feelz. The story also does not pander to the audience and make it look like Souta had a shitty childhood, he did not. I love being sad about remembering time long gone, there is beauty in that.


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The side characters are very memorable, especially Nakajima and Rinko. Nakajima is Souta’s best friend, the two have known each other since the beginning of the universe. Rinko is Souta’s older sister, a very caring and maternal older sister. Rinko is like this very cool and brave aunt to Poco. Nakajima is just a cool guy, except he crashes at Souta’s at 3 in the morning. Nakajima is almost like Poco’s dad, making Souta more like Poco’s mom. These two were great.



  • Will I watch it again? I don’t know, possibly a clip here or there, but I don’t think I will watch the whole series again.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, but it is cute to a point where you could get diabetes, so if you don’t like cute things, this is not really for you. Some parts of the show hits you right in the feels, so be prepared for that.


Final Thoughts

While I really enjoyed this show, I wish it would stop here, and not have a second season. If there is second season, it could undermine the finale that was set up very well. And what more is there to tell? The story arcs of Poco and Souta are more or less complete. It would be far easier to mess it up, and I liked how it ended, it should stay finished. I didn’t read the manga so I don’t know how it ends there, who knows, I might regret saying this.


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