Top 10 Worst Moms in Games

To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are some terrible moms in gaming. Not gonna, lie, this one was hard since most mothers in games are either dead, dying, or angelic. I took some liberties… I hope you are okay with that.

Because nature of this topic, there will be spoilers ahead.

I am doing this again, since it seems like a lot of people like the Top 10 Worst Mothers in Manga and Anime list I did last year, hope you like this one as well!


10. Cognitive Wakaba from Persona 5

Image result for persona  wakaba

Well, I guess this is cheating, so that is why she is only 10. She is the cognitive version, distorted view of, Futaba’s mom. While not her real mom, Wakaba constantly whispers to poor Futaba that she is why Wakaba is dead, why she committed suicide. And that how Futaba doesn’t deserve to live and is an evil child.


9. Mom from Among the Sleep

Image result for among the sleep mom

Apart from being in the bad part of the uncanny valley, she is not as a good mother as she initially appears. I won’t say too much, but remember that most of the game is a child’s imagination.


8. Samara from Mass Effect series

Image result for samara mass effect

While Matriarch Benezia was considered, I chose Samara as the worse mother. On Benezia’s defence, she was under mind control, while Samara does her things with free will. So, Samara wants you to help her kill her child. Samara is a Justicar, kind of like a knight, she has right to kill. She considers her daughter dangerous, so now she has to kill her.


7. Jenna Angel from Digital Devil Saga

Image result for jenna angel

This one is one of the more generic one, mom uses child for experiments. She used her daughter’s ability as the cyber shaman to test out the AIs in the Junkyard. In her defense, all this was to stop the sun from destroying the world.


6. Sofia Lamb from BioShock 2

Image result for sofia lamb

She is like worse version of Jenna Angel. The new ruler of Rapture, she like many villains, used her daughter for her own gain, meaning turning her child, Eleanor, into a Big Sister. Like most overbearing parents that want their child to be perfect, Sofia isolated her daughter from others and raised her to be most perfect.


5. Queen Brahne from FFIX

Related image

I don’t really understand people saying Jenova is a terrible mother, she isn’t… She is only considered Sephiroth’s mother because part of her was used to make him, that is her entire roll, a genetic source. She doesn’t do anything. And saying she is terrible because of Sephiroth…. where is the argument? Moving on… Queen Brahne is the queen of Alexandria and mother to Princess Garnet. She was once kind, but after her husband’s death and Kuja’s influence, she became a desperate tyrant, and also a puppet to Kuja. She is destructive, and seemingly cares little for her daughter.


4. Protagonist from Fallout 4

Image result for fallout 4 female protagonist

Well, this list is difficult as there isn’t too much examples, opposed to bad dads. So here is one. In Fallout 4, you have a lot of choices. One of them being: finding your long lost son, ruining his life’s work, killing him, and taking his clothes. This is something you can do as a mother, and as a father too.


3. Arturia Pendragon from Fate series

Image result for arturia and mordred

This one is a weird one… but since Arturia originally came from a game and I need the count, she’s here…. and I think Saber fathered “his” “son” Mordred. But… does anyone really consider these two men? The two of them are on bad terms… like coming to killing each other bad terms. And Arturia more or less denies Modred’s existence. While I love Saber, she as a parent to Mordred is terrible. Doesn’t help that Mordred used to worship Arturia as the perfect knight and king.


2. Mom from Binding of Isaac

Related image

Well you know the story, mom hears voice of god and decides to kill her son. Her child’s weapon is tears…. he is running away from his mom…. yeah. Simplicity is virtue: this mom does not have a elaborate plan, she is here to kill the child.


1. Dahlia Gillespie from Silent Hill

Image result for Dahlia Gillespie

Well, where do I start with this one… Let’s start with the fact that she tried to make her daughter give birth to a version of God. There was a fire in her place and her daughter, Alessa, was severely injured. But this did not stop Dahlia from continuing with her plans of making Alessa give birth to god. Alessa, having split her soul into a child called Cheryl, wanted to die, and telepathically called to Cheryl, starting the story of the original Silent Hill.


Well, here it is. Hope you liked it!


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