One Piece Arc-By-Arc part 9: Shandora Flashback

“The story book showed him with a grinning face, but he was actually shedding tears of hate and injustice when he died” – Montblanc Cricket on his ancestor Norland

As this series strayed from just being a retrospective piece, I renamed it to Arc-By-Arc, where it will be about a series, arc by arc. I think it makes more sense. I retitled the previous parts, FYI. Here is a link to part 8.

This is a story that shows what really happened and how the tragedy of Norland the King of Liars came to be. This is the first flashback in One Piece where its entire purpose is to set up and link 2 arc while involving none of the main protagonists.


New Characters

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Montblanc Noland is the protagonist of this flashback. He is a botanist working for his kingdom. He is ancestor to Montblanc Cricket and is known in present day One Piece and the King of Liars.


Calgara is the strongest warrior and protector of Shandora. As the protector, he is biased against any foreigners.



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The flashback follows Noland on his exploration 400 years before the start of One Piece. And during a storm at sea, he and his crew hears a beautiful sound of bell from afar distance. And they end up discovering the island of Jaya.

But Jaya already has people living on it, the people of Shandora. And Shandora is protected by its mighty guardian, Calgara, and Calgara hates foreigners. His intro starts with him sinking ships single-handed.


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When Noland’s crew arrives on the island, the Shandian’s are holding a sacrificial ceremony, sacrificing a young virgin girl to their snake god. Also there is this disease that is going around killing the locals, adding fuel to already chaotic day. Noland and the crew immediately realizes that what kind of disease the locals are suffering from and tries to find healthy people to discuss this immediate issue. Noland sees a giant snake about to eat a girl, and kills it, Noland killed Shandora’s god. And this is how Noland and Calgara met.

After a fight, Noland’s men are captured, but Noland makes a claim that he can save Shandora from this disease and save their society. While Calgara wants to kill him on the spot, the village chief give Noland a day to carry out his plan.



Next morning, there is an earthquake, as if there is something beneath the island. Seeing this as sign from the late god, Calgara sprints to kill Noland. When Calgara arrives at Noland’s location, he sees that the earthquake’s fissure caught Noland, thinking that this is god’s punishment, Calgara decides to watch Noland struggle and ultimately fail. Between struggling, Noland constantly tells Calgara how ridiculous Shandora is in killing people for god, and here Calgara reveals that the sacrificial virgin was his daughter, then another giant snake shows up. In his desperate time, Noland cries one last time that he can save Shandora and asks if Calgara is so afraid to let his people die. In hearing this, Calgara kills son of Shandora’s god.


With Norland’s return, he and his crew get to making vaccine and saves all of Shandora. Norland and Calgara becomes best of friends, and now joke about snakes, espcially when they see a baby snake, who just might grow to be size of an entire city. With enough trust built, Calgara takes Noland and his crew to the golden city:

Here, Calgara explains to them that the city is what is important, not the treasures, and lets the crew take whatever they want, except for the bell related items, and obviously, the golden bell at the heart of the city. And in the city, they find a map of Jaya, an island in the shape of a skull.


Image result for one piece jaya map


A month passes. Noland and his crew has been going into the forest for research and further examination of the disease that took over Shandora. Things were looking good, until, the Shandorans ask the crew to leave the island and never return.

Confused by the sudden hostility, Noland and the crew and preparing to leave. They also discuss that the bell no longer rings. The baby snake, who loves the sound of the bell, looks confused and Calgara explains that it will never rings again.



Calgara’s daughter sneaks out to talk to Noland’s crew, she explains that the crew cut down the guardian forest of Shandora, where the ancestors’ souls reside in, guided by the golden bell. But tragically, the same trees are poisonous and was the cause of the disease killing Shandora.

The crew prepares and starts to leave the island. The girl, yells and explains to Calgara that not is the forest already without hope, it was going to end the end island. Hearing this, Calgara rushes to shore. Hearing the once stopped bell, Noland and the crew stop to see what is happening to see Calgara imploring them to return as they will always ring the bell.

With the friendship reforged, Noland returns home and talks to the king about the new discovery.  With this, Noland leads the royal crew to Shandora, but instead of finding a whole island, and his one time house, he sees this:


Enraged by this, the king tells Norland that his lie is treason and needs to be executed. Norland returns to his country as criminal and is executed.



Flashing back a year, Clagara is making rounds in the golden city. Then all of a sudden, the sky becomes dark, and the ground starts shaking, very similar to what the Straw Hats experienced.

Image result for one piece shandora manga

Then the most unfortunate thing ever happens. The Knock Up Stream occurs beneath part of Jaya, ripping the island in half, and blasts Shandora into the sky. Everyone in Shandora is panicking.



The people of Sky Piea, hearing the beautiful sound of the golden bell and seeing this as their promised land since they value earth, attacks Shandora. And the people of Shandora, not being able to adjust to their new atmosphere and pressure, practically get exterminated and exiled from their home.

And this ends the story of Montblanc Noland the Liar and the Great Warrior Calgara.


But the story of tragedy of Shandora still continues 400 years later. Montblanc Cricket is still looking for Shandora, sacrificing his body and life, not knowing he is looking at the wrong place. And the descendants of Shandora still exists, but they are fighting for their homeland against a man that calls himself God.

Well, that is story for the next entry, I hope you liked this one!



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