Flying Witch Anime Review

Flying Witch is an anime adaptation of manga of the same name written by Ishizuka Chihiro. The anime is 12 episode long and is made by J.C. Staff. Flying Witch originally aired from April to June of 2016.



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Kowata Makoto is the protagonist of the story. She is a witch in training who gets lost rather frequently. She is very bright and positive of most things, she enjoys farming.


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Kuramoto Chinatsu is Makoto’s cousin, and she is adorable. She is 9 years old, meaning she is still at the age where she is innocent, not sarcastic yet. She is fascinated by magic and the pretty much everything else.


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Kowata Akane is Makoto’s older sister, and very famous witch. She is carefree and a wanderer, drops in to check on her sister often and randomly.


Image result for chito-san flying witch

Chito-san is Makoto’s familiar cat. She is sassy and can be more mature than Makoto at times. At least has a better sense of directions than Makoto.



Makoto comes down to the rural areas as part of her witch training, and it becomes slice of life from there, meaning not too much happens plot wise.


the Bad

There really isn’t that much to complain here. This was a nice relaxing show.

Image result for flying witch veil of darkness

If I have to say something, I can’t help but feel unsatify that we don’t get to see more of the fantastic creature designs. The Miyazaki-esque designs of the Harbinger and Veil of Darkness were so cool, sadly they only appear once. This is not necessarily a bad thing, god I hope this has a second season.


the Good

Image result for flying witch

Flying Witch feels like continuation of Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service mixed with hint of Mushishi’s slice-of-life-esque weirdness. Like Kiki, witches are not a uber secret society hidden from the world, they are there. People are surprised to see them, but that is about it. Mako has no fear of flying in public, because there is nothing to fear.


Image result for flying witch chinatsu

The cuteness is great. Chinatsu is so freaking cute. She is not sarcastic and just wants to hang with Makoto and Akane. And pretty much every character in this show is adorable in their own way: the Dad that is still a kid at heart, the ghost that is shy, and so on. The main characters are adorable, and they had plenty of time to show that off.


Image result for flying witch chinatsu

As mentioned before, this show has great creature designs. Above there is the Harbinger, he brings spring to places. He is a nice guy, just his looks scare kids. And luckily, he is not the exception. Throughout the series we get to more magical creatures, and they are all fantastically designed!


Image result for flying witch crow

The magic in Flying Witch is very minimal, very low key. There may have been one explosion, and it was very small. One of the magic (shown above) is burning a single hair to summon crows, that is it. One of the magic makes you cry at anything. Sure there are more powerful magic in this universe, as mentioned by Akane and Makoto, but they are not shown, and I actually like this great restraint from the show.


Something about the opening song is very uplifting and refreshing. The videos on Youtube are…. processed. I think they made it faster, or made the pitch higher so it does not get flagged or something. The above is the best version I could find.



  • Will I watch it again? I think so, this anime was so mellow and calming, I think it can be watched repeatedly.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, this is one of the most relaxing shows I’ve seen without getting boring.


Final Thougths

I feel like I haven’t seen a pure slice-of-life in awhile. A lot of these types of show add drama into the mix by putting in romance or even epicness at the very end. Flying Witch has restraint, and I respect that. This was a good show, and I enjoyed watching it. I hope there will be a second season to further see Makoto’s life as well as the magical world.



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