Design Twins: Black-haired Sexy Glasses Man

It’s been quite a while since I did Design Twins, so here is another one. This time I am showing some men that wear glasses, has dark hair, and general can be considered “sexy”. Here we go.

Please remember this is about the looks, not about their personalities or characters.


1. Sakamoto-kun from Sakamoto Desu Ga

Image result for sakamoto


2. Ishida Uryu from Bleach

Image result for ishida uryuu



3. Ootori Kyouya from Ouran Host Club

Image result for ootori kyouya



4. Watanuki Kimihiro from XXX Holic

Image result for xxx holic watanuki



5. Wataya Arata from Chiharafuyu

Image result for chihayafuru wataya



6. Shiroe from Log Horizon

Image result for log horizon shiroe



7. Claude Faustus from Black Butler

Image result for black butler claude


8. Katsuragi Keim from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Image result for katsuragi keima


9. Kitamura Yusaku from Tora Dora

Image result for kitamura yusaku


10. Okumura Yukio from Ao no Excorcirst

Image result for okumura yukio


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