Wonder Woman Movie Review

If you’ve been living under a rock, this is a comic book movie from DC Comics and Warner Bros film about Wonder Woman. The movie was released in June of 2017, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. This movie is also part of the new DC Movie Universe.



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Diana of Themyscira or Diana Prince, or most famously known as Wonder Woman, is the the protagonist of the story. She is still naive and innocent, thinking that once the evil force that is Ares is gone, all of mankind will once again be pure.


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Steve Trevor is a British spy that made an emergency landing at Themyscira. He is very passionate about saving lives and most important ending the greatest war the world has faced until this point in history.


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Isabel Maru aka Doctor Poison is a German chemist who is in process of creating the next generation of mustard gas before the end of war to turn the tides for the Germans. She is kind of awkward, but very sadistic and somewhat childish at times.



If you couldn’t tell from the trailers, this is a Wonder Woman origins story. If you’ve seen the 2009’s Wonder Woman animated film, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you, but I don’t think most people have.

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Diana is a princess of magical island of Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island. Themyscira is an island inhabited only by women, and not just any women, the Amazons, you know, the female warrior tribes from ancient Greek mythology. The island was created by the Greek gods for these women so they can train to fight if their help is needed.

One day, a fighter plane lands in the beaches of Themyscira and Diana saves the pilot, Steve Trevor. From him Diana and the Amazons find out that there is a war going on beyond their little well, in fact the largest war the world has seen until this point, World War I. Upon hearing this, Diana decides to travel with Trevor to fight in the war. Diana believes that Ares, the god of war, is behind this, and by taking him down all peace and goodness will return to humanity.


the Bad

Let me get this out of the way, the movie was great, I really liked it, but there were several parts that I thought was classic DC, as in freaking terrible.

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The biggest issue I had with this movie was the final fight. This is everything that is wrong with comic book movies. Action scenes are necessary in these kind of movie, they are exciting. But action scenes should either be great, or be extension of the emotional struggle of characters. The latter is why the fights in One Piece and in Logan is so freaking great, the fight is more than an action scene.


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But the final fight, and this fight only, was complete CGI mess that had no emotional impact what so ever. By this time in the movie, the bad guys already lost and the plot is resolved, making this fight practically useless. While watching this unnecessarily long battle scene, I was reminded me of unnecessarily long fight scene from the end of Star Wars Episode III: the Revenge of the Sith. Both fights didn’t feel real, it was too long, and felt really forced.

Let’s talk about the final boss. I won’t say who this person is because I don’t want to spoil this great movie. I thought that this villain was completely unnecessary. I thought the final part of the movie would be superior if the ultimate villain did not exist, there I said it. This final boss character did not add to the story, to the message of the movie, or to the plot. Even without this villain, the story would have been practically the same. Without this villain, I think it could have added the message that people are not as pure as Diana thought they were, adding some grey area to morality. But they went with this route.

I don’t need an epic final fight in every movie. I like it if it makes sense or or I am invested in the outcome, but this was neither. I didn’t need it here.


the Good

Where do I start. Let’s start with the characters.

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I thought Diana was awesome in every way. She was freaking gorgeous and downright adorable at the same time, and for me, that is uber win. Diana is very unique in that she has been isolated from the humanity for a long time. Because of this, she is not as damaged and jaded as Batman nor aware of human nature as Superman. She genuinely believes that humanity is good and it is her job to restore this purity. To this this innocent and naive hero come out was breath of fresh air.


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While being naive about humanity, she is still a warrior. If you fck with her, she will stab you. Unlike Supes and Bats, she has no code against killing, this is a great differentiation for me. For a long time, Wonder Woman felt to me as Superman with boobs, then I read Kingdom Come, one of the best comic books ever. Here, Wonder Woman shows that she is willing to kill if it means for the greater good while Superman won’t. Wonder Woman is a warrior before a generic comic book hero, and that is fantastic.


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I like fish out of water stories, and Wonder Woman did this well. Seeing a woman carrying around a sword and a shield in crowded London was spectacularly silly, I loved it. One of my favorite scene is when Diana sees a baby, she is so excited by it, and it makes total sense! It is established in the movie that Diana was the only child in Themyscira, so this would have been the first time seeing a baby for her, it was an adorable scene. And I loved seeing a DC hero who can squee about a baby, I mean Snyder’s Superman won’t do that.


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Steve Trevor was a great sidekick to the story. He was certainly less creepier than his 2009 animated counterpart. Steve was charming and wholly dedicated to ending this war. He is constantly volunteering himself if it mean war will end sooner. His modern know-how as well as desire for more covert methods contrasted well with Diana’s brute-over-brains way. I liked this man.


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In many comic book movies, the romance feel forced. I mean just look at Lois and Clark in Batman V Superman. But here I get it. If the first man you saw was Chris Pine, and the woman that rescued you like a goddess was Gal Gadot, I mean come on. They also feel for each other. Diana sees that Steve pushed aside all other aspects of his life for a chance to make this war end. And he sees that unshakable will of helping others from Diana. I liked them a lot.


Part of me was afraid that this was going to be a girl power movie, not that I have a problem with that conceptually, just that it almost always turns to why women and better than men, just ask Teen Titans GO episode on this. Instead, we got a movie about a warrior that charges head first into danger to end WWI. Wonder Woman was a fantastic hero and a role model, but does not say that all of world’s problem comes from men. I like that.



  • Will I watch it again? Yes, this was a great movie and there are several scenes I want to revisit.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, this is by far the best DC Cinematic Universe movie, although that doesn’t say much. It is a very competent movie I was glued from beginning to right before the final fight.


Final Thoughts

I had some expectations of this movie, but it topped it. Apart from the terrible final fight I thought it was great. I was glad how well this movie turned out. I hope DC sees this and chooses to make good movies rather than trying to be edgey for edge’s sake or trying to copy Marvel or Fox. I really hope the next DC movie doesn’t suck.



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