Persona 5 Day Breakers Anime Review

This is NOT Persona 5 game review. Again, this is NOT about the game.

Day Breakers is an anime episode that is suppose to be prologue to the game. The episode was made by A-1 Studio. It was released September of 2016 to promote the game, which I unboxed here.



Kazuya is more or less the protagonist of this episode. He is in this gang of thugs and picks locks for robbery. He is stressed over what he is doing.


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Phantom Thieves of Heart are the heroes of the main game, they come to save the day!



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The episode follows Kazuya a young man who is part of this thieves that target low security restaurants. He seems to has mixed feelings about this. There is this website, where you can request help from the Phantom Thieves, at leasat that is what it seems like.


the Bad

There is not much to say here, I mean it is literally 1 episode. With that said:

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There was this part in the climax/ battle that shows pretty much everyone’ s Persona one at a time. At this time, I tought to myself, “right…. this is a promo and not an anime episode.” The way the sequence was presented was to show off the Personas, not really to show action, and this took me out a bit.


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Some parts of the episode’s animation looked off, sometimes the characters look not as well drawn, like their head was slightly off shaped. And from time to time, it becomes kind of obvious that it is not the people making the games, meaning the game character model and portraits looks better than here.


the Good

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Perceived World is where the battle takes place. As I have not played the game yet, I have no idea how this functions. But unlike the Dark Hour and the TV World, it seems like it is the heroes who have the control over initiating this.

There is a twist in the episode, I won’t say what that is here, but boy, it caught me off guard.


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A lot of things are left ambiguous and unsaid, I liked that. This did it’s job, I really want to play the game. I was saving it for after my FF marathon, but that mean I might get to it by year 2056… so yeah.


Image result for persona 5 daybreakers

Not gonna lie, it great to see demons from SMT being animated again after Devil Survivors 2 anime.



  • Will I see it again? No, especially since the game is out already.
  • Do I recommend it? Not really, I got couple of things, but I don’t think I would necessarily recommend it.


Final thoughts

This is a half hour long commercial for a game. Since I am SMT fanboy, I got the game. But if I wasn’t, I am not sure if this would’ve convinced me. This was alright episode. It had its moments, I am glad I saw it. But at the end of the day, it is still a commercial.


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