Uncharted Game Review

Uncharted is a Playstation exclusive series that started with… well Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune back in 2007 for the Playstation 3, wow, a decade ago. I played the remastered version, which was released in 2015 for the PS4. The game was created by Naughty Dog, the people behind Crash Bandicoot.



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Nathan Drake aka Nate is the protagonist of the series. He is pretty much Indiana Jones. He is an explorer and treasure hunter. He is charming and somewhat dickish at times.

Elena Fisher is the heroine of the story. She is a reporter and wants to write a story of Francis Drake’slost treasures, so having his descendant, Nathan, help her made sense. She is not used to world of climbing and gun shooting, but she soldiers through.


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Victor Sullivan aka Sully is Nate’s father figure and partner in crime. The two are pretty inseparable.



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Nathan is helping Elena film a documentary for Francis Drake’s lost treasure. Little did she know, he was taking advantage of her show for doing from grave robbing. But like most things, things go wrong, and there is a lot of bandits shooting, mystical cursed objects and bunch of fun.



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If you don’t know by now, Uncharted is a game about exploring exotic areas, so there is a a lot climbing walls.


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And sometimes, the climbing is interrupted by shooting and light puzzles.


the Bad

Image result for uncharted 1 jungle

I wish more focus was on exploration rather than shooting, as I found that to be the more interesting part of the game. The shooting was alright, but not really great. The game has a lot of great set designs I wish was more explorable.


Image result for uncharted 1 boat

There is this jet ski section in the game, it is just the worst. What was the point? To test the players how just annoying stuff they can take? Sure I suck at this section, but even if I were good at it, it seem unnecessary.


There are these one hit kill enemies are frequent. Those are just never fun.


Image result for uncharted 1 t pose

And this isn’t game breaking or anything, but I got into this T-pose several times throughout my sessions. For those unaware, T-pose is like the basic pose for character models, which you don’t usually see in the game itself. It was actually pretty hilarious.


the Good

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The game is very beautiful to look at. I remember watching my friend play the original, and it looked great then, and the remaster looks great too.

As mentioned before, the exploration and finding little treasures here ad there was just plain fun. The shooting aspects are needed, but if toned down a bit, it would be fantastic.


Image result for uncharted 1 nate

The characters were very likable. Nate is classically charming, Elena is naive and sweet but will not take shit from people, and Sully has that old gentleman charm. Everyone was charming, and I think it more or less made up for the really boring and forgettable villains of the game.



  • Will I play it again? No. There are sequels to play, and I don’t think I will get anything out of it by playing it the second time.
  • Do I recommend it? Eh, with so many games similar to this, I’m not sure if this can hold its own. Especially to its sequels. It was fun, but that was about it for me.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve seen the stuff I write about, they are mostly either is or close to being anime or JRPG related. I wanted to try something tad different. So here it is.

I am not a big action game person, but this was a fun one. I liked what I played, but that was about it. I am not gonna pretend I am great at these, so take this as a disclaimer.

I hope you liked it!



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