Demi-chan wa Kataritai Anime Review

Demi-chan wa Kataritai aka Interview with Monster Girls is an anime adaptation of manga series of the same name. The manga was written and drawn by Petos and the anime was created by A-1 Pictures. The series consists of 12 episodes and aired from January to March of 2017.



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Takahashi Tetsuo, more often referered simply as Sensei, is biology teacher at the high school. He is obsessed with Ajin/ Demi Humans, and want nothing but making their life better.


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Takanashi Hikari is the first girl you see, she is a vampire. Hikari is hyper and very energetic most of the time. She is weak to heat and can be very forgetful. She loves teasing her friends and hanging out in the Reference Room with Sensei.


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Machi Kyouko is a Dullahan with ridiculously obvious crush on Sensei. She is diligent and top of her class. Due to always carrying her head, she is also very fit.


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Kusakabe Yuki is a Yuki Onna, a snow woman. She, at first, is extremely distant to others and is afraid of her powers. After her meeting with Sensei, she becomes brighter and more of her … pervy natures start to show… she likes puns and raunchy jokes.


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Lastly, and my favorite, is Satou Sakie, a math teacher at the high school. Sakie is a Succubus, and because of that, her life sucks. She can’t dress the way she wants, be in a crowd, doze off, or come in contact with any men (except gays). After thinking Sensei is not affected by her nature, she immediately falls in love for him.



So in this world Ajin/ Demi people exists among regular humans. They have been ostracized due to folklore we are familiar with, but recently things calmed way the fck down and are accepted as normal.

Our protagonist, Sensei, is teaching at a high school. He is obsessed with Demis but have not met one, then he meets 4 in one day. And now he wants to do whatever he can to make their lives better.


the Bad

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The becomes very creepy if you think about it… A male teacher is getting really cozy and touchy with underage high school girls. Sensei is a single man in his 30s and surrounds himself with hot high school students who are somewhat emotionally vulnerable. Not to mention he conducts experiments on them, collect their sweat, and ask them (scientific) sexual questions. I know he means well, but from an outsider, his actions can seem extremely sketchy. Like hugging female students, he himself knows this can be incriminating.

Apart from couple of interesting character designs, there is not much that is too intriguing visually, pretty standard to say the least.


the Good

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The show is too damn cute, I love it. All of the characters in this show are pretty adorable, including the parents of Hikari and Himari. But when it comes to being cute, Hikari definitely takes the cake. For one, she has the most on screen time of any of the characters and she is by far the most lively one of the bunch.


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The show addresses a lot of things different people have to go through. I don’t think the creator’s intention was to make a message about race, handicapped people, or foreigners, but it addresses how different people face different problems. This is most evident with Machi as she constantly needs to hold her head. To compensate for this, she needs a lot of help to do basic things.

One of the favorite moments was near the end of the show where bunch of kids, non demis, were discussing this. One of the kids say something along the lines of “everyone should be treated the same way to be equal” and this was challenged by “I think differences should be recognized and addressed accordingly rather than given same treatment as others, this is more equal.” And I think that was great. I think Differences should be recognized, not be shunned, and be handled respectfully to each situation. School makes all students carry messenger bags, Machi, who needs to hold her head, has trouble with this. So the school gives an exception to her to wear a back pack. I think world is unfair and apathetic to all things, so giving Machi a help she needed was heart warming. Sure she is treated differently, but now she can actually attend school easier.


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Of all the characters in the show, Sakie has it worst, by far. Unlike the three main girls, Sakie’s nature as a succubus automatically creates harm, intentional or not. Sure Machi has it difficult, but her nature as a Dullahan does not harm others around her, but Sakie’s mere presence has impact on emotion of everyone around her. And her nature means there are a lot of aspects of life she will miss out. She points out that as she is a succubus, it is almost impossible for her to have a normal romantic relationship as her aphrodisiac is almost active. She takes the first and the last train to commute to work. She lives in middle of nowhere with limited social circle. And the police are always keeping tabs on her. But despite all this, she is still strong and looking to thrive, especially after meeting Sensei.



  • Will I watch it again? YES. I don’t usually watch anime multiple times, but this one I actually watched 3 times over prior to this review.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes. I am actually thinking of getting the Blu Ray if it comes out, I hope there will be OVAs for this. I need more of it now.


Final Thoughts

I thought Kobayashi-san chi no Dragon Maid was going to be my favorite slice-of-life during the season, and it almost was. Then I remember seeing something about this and started watching it. Before I knew it, I was in love this show. Dragon Maid was great, but I enjoyed this one a tad bit more overall.


2 thoughts on “Demi-chan wa Kataritai Anime Review

  1. lol, the bad is hilarious. the anime took the usual formula of the sole guy in a school club and aged him a bit, but it’s interesting how strange it comes off. I was never bothered by it, and i also didn’t thought much about the race angle. It is there though, but the cuteness is just too distracting. XD

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