Lego Batman Movie

“DC Comics, the house that Batman built” – Batman, from this movie.

Lego Batman is a movie from Warner Bros and DC Comics, as well as the Lego company. It was released in February of 2017, and I just saw it recently.



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Batman aka Bruce Wayne, you all know this already, is the protagonist. He is a dick, like a cocky dick. But, he is also lonely because he has no one in his life.


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Richard “Dick” Grayson, aka the Robin, is the secondary protagonist in the movie. I thought this was Carrie Kelley from Dark Knight Returns, but it’s not her. Dick is an orphan that was recently adopted by Batman and just wants a family. He’s very cute.


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The Joker is the villain of the movie. But he is not really the focus of the movie, I will talk about that more later.



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Batman and the villains are doing the usual stuff, and here Joker declares that he, Batman’s greatest enemy gets away once again. And Batman tells Joker that he isn’t his greatest enemy, and this breaks Joker’s heart. To get back at Batman, Joker plots to create an army of greatest villains of all time.

Meanwhile, Batman has to deal with a kid he accidentally adopted.


the Bad

There is not too much bad to say about this film. So if anything, it is knick-picking.

This is a parody movie, meaning that it is making fun of existing things rather than trying to create its own universe. Take for example, Batman Begins. The movie stands on its own even if you know nothing about Batman, characters are introduced and fleshed out within the film. But here, audiences are expected to watch this movie with at least some knowledge of Batman franchise, ranging from the 60s Batman stuff to Batman V Superman. The only reason this is okay for this movie is because it’s Batman, anyone who can make sense of a word knows Batman.

This is more of a personal taste, but I never liked the idea of Batman and Barbara Gordon going anywhere near being an item…. I just think it’s gross. I talked about this in my thoughts to part of the Killing Joke…. which got me a lot of fleck, but I still am not a fan. The movie does not do this…. it merely hinted at it….


the Good

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This movie is very funny. It makes a lot of cutting jokes to its medium and comic book industry. It is not afraid to be meta, like referencing every Batman movie ever made, talking about how Batman has over 70+ relationship with some characters while looking like he is in his 30-40s. The movie does not give a shit, and I loved that.

There are a lot of cameos only the Lego movies can pull off, so I won’t say too much about this here., but this was real good.



Will I watch it again? Sure, it’s a fun movie.

Do I recommend it? If you liked the Lego Movie or its brand of meta humor, then here is more.


Final Thoughts

This was a fun simple movie, and something only Lego would be able to pull off. So good on them, and I hope there will be more Lego movies like this.



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