Spiderman: Homecoming Movie Review

“Clear and innocent mind fears nothing” – Elizabeth I

Spiderman: Homecoming is the third iteration of live action Spiderman I’ve seen that happened in my life time, probably one of the quickest reboot cycles. Spiderman Homecoming was made by Marvel Studios and Sony, interesting cooperation. It was released in July of 2017.



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Peter Parker aka Penis Parker is the titular Spiderman. Peter is a sophomore in high school, is awkward, has crush on a senior girl, and wants to look cool and be accepted by Iron Man. He has a lot on his plate.


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Adrian Toomes is a blue collar worker that had enough people screwing him over, so he becomes a super villain to support his family. He becomes the Vulture.


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Ned is Peter’s best friend and a fellow nerd. Thinking about it, I don’t think we ever saw Peter’s friend in live action movies, who is just as nerdy and does not want to kill/bang him.



The story follows immidiately after Captain America: Civil War. Peter is back in New York and is waiting a new mission from Tony Stark, who kind of became his father figure. But the phone never rings. Have you ever had an interview with a dream company, and they say they will call you back and they don’t, yeah, that shit sucks.

Wanting to prove himself, he goes after crimes, and he meets the gang working for the Vulture and things seem to be more difficult than he thought.


the Bad

Honestly, there isn’t too much I can say here.

I hate when things are labelled as something unnecessarily. You know about the whole Metal Gear Survive thing. It may be an okay game, but from what I’ve seen, it has nothing to do with Metal Gear series. There is a character in this movie, she is weird and fun. I like her. But she is revealed as a certain character, and I got confused. the character she is suppose to be is nothing like how she is portrayed here. I cannot help but think this was marketing dictating the writing rather than good writing. Marketing probably thought if it is a character people heard of before, even though that character does not fit this character and this character is perfectly good on her own right, she should be named thus for marketing.


the Good

This is the third Spiderman I’ve seen within my lifetime. I know there are more Spidey s, like form the 70s and the Japanese ones, but for me there are 3 live action ones. And this Spidey is my favorite. Unlike Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield, there is no angst from Tom Holland. The original Spiderman trilogy and the Amazing Spideman duology were fileld with Spiderman being brooding and moody. This was far more refreshing.

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Seeing Spiderman being a child was great. He still has the child like wonders that adult heroes cannot afford to have. He has  girl problems, he needs to go to classes, he wants to impress his boss, he gets to have these problems. This young Spiderman is naive and innocent, believing he can make things alright.


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Spiderman: Homecoming reminded me a lot of Spiderman 2. Probably because I cared about the villain. Marvel movies always had a problem with villains, but Spiderman 2 made me care about Doctor Octopus, and Homecoming made me care about the Vulture. I always thought Vulture looked silly and kind of a joke. But in Homecoming, I get it. He is doing this so that his family will have a good life, and he is not going to let anything stand in his way, even if it means killing a teenage boy. Also, it modernized the design to look more realistic opposed to feathers, similar to what they did with Doc Oct’s tentacles.


Spideman Homecoming is aware that people are probably tied of Spiderman origin story: Peter get bit by a super spider, Uncle Ben dies, and so on. Homecoming skips this entirely and head straight into like month 5 of being Spiderman.

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While not an origin story, Peter is still learning how to be a hero. Objectively, he kind of sucks. He makes mistakes and breaks people’s fences, he arrests wrong people, and he’s biggest success is preventing bike robbery. I always loved seeing characters going from crappy to great, and this is pretty much Homecoming, Peter rising up to be a super hero.

My biggest problem with the Amazing Spiderman was that it seemed like a Dark Knight rip-off rather than a Spiderman movie. Homecoming was brighter, more innocent and funnier than I expected. It captured what Spiderman meant for me. I am not saying that Spiderman cannot be serious, just he isn’t Batman nor should he. I laughed a lot in this movie, and I think that is a good thing.



  • Will I watch it again? Yes, I had a fantastic time watching this movie. I am considering getting the bluray of this movie.
  • Do I recommend it? I’ve always liked Spiderman, and last couple of movies made me sad. But Homecoming breathes light back into the series. So the answer is yes!


Final Thoughts

I grew up with the original Spiderman movies. Spiderman 1 with the Green Goblin blew me away and got me to think Spiderman is cool. Spiderman 2 made me really care about Doc Oct and was the coolest movie for me for a long time. The next 3 movies got me bored. I fell asleep during the climax of Amazing Spideman 1, and I thought entirety of Amazing Spiderman 2 was uninspired. And Homecoming made me feel like watching the first 2 movies again for the first time.

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For me, Spiderman is beacon of hope and innocence, and Homecoming captured that perfectly.



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