World of NGNL: Exceed

The world of No Game No Life takes place in a fantasy world called Disboard. Disboard houses many lifeforms but 16 species, known as Exceeds, have special protection from God Tet.


These 16 species have been considered to be wise by Tet and therefore deserve protection. This protection forbids any kind of harm upon the 16 species, and the only way to change this is through games. The 16 Species are ranked in power and magic, in order of power, are:

  1. Old Deus
  2. Phantasma
  3. Elemental
  4. Dragonia
  5. Gigant
  6. Flugel
  7. Elf
  8. Dwarf
  9. Fairy
  10. Ex-Machina
  11. Demonia
  12. Dhampir
  13. Lunamana
  14. Werebeast
  15. Seiren
  16. Imanity (Humanity)


Image result for ngnl avant heim

As you can see, humanity is on the bottom of this new world order. If you’ve seen the anime adaptation, you’ve already met the human, the Werebeasts, the Elves, and Flugel. And saw Phantasma Avant-Heim and a quick glimpse of Old Deus.


Image result for ngnl werebeast blood

Most of the species have special powers of some kind, I say most because human have nothing. The Werebeasts have superior physical abilities, the Flugel are are pretty much demi-gods, the elves have powerful magic, and the Dhampir can create illusions. And NGNL is about overcoming these severely unfair obstacles with power of strategy and deduction.

Not all beings are made equal, and in NGNL, they are clearly ranked from the best to the worst. In fact, the top 6 are one their own class as they are practically immortals, with the lowest of this supreme class being Flugels.


Image result for ngnl flugel

If you’ve seen the anime, you can see that Jibril, a Flugel, has no need for food, rest or requirements of any kind. During the match with Blank, she demonstrated that she can withstand a hydrogen bomb. This is where the line is drawn, Flugels are near immortal weapons of mass destruction, and they are only rank 6.┬áBecause of their insane abilities, Jibril discusses how Flugel and up are not really considered to be organisms, but rather an entity.


Image result for ngnl chess

Early in the show, it makes it clear that there is a literal heavenly plan in this. And this directly ties to the last commandment that no one pays attention to”Commandment 10: Don’t forget to have fun together!” This law is suppose to be the guiding light, to unify all 16 species and challenge God Tet to a game. In Disboard, even godhood can be waged in a game of tic tac toe.


Image result for ngnl race piece

What makes the Exceeds special is that they are considered by God Tet as wise, and are given special protection signified by the very powerful item called the Race Piece. Inhabitants of Disboard kill and eat animals, that is because they are not protected by Tet. So when someone bets the mthrfcking Race Piece, and lose, that race can be enslaved, massacred, raped, pillaged, made into food, or whatever. The Race Piece is the single most important item for any single specie of the Exceed.

This racial divisions and high risk wagers is what drives No Game No Life. Sora and Shiro has to bring all 16 species who more or less hate each other to become friends, at least allies, if they want to play with God himself.

I hope you like this!



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