ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Anime Review

“It’s a whole spiral that begins with a donut and later I’m [the center of a coup]” -partly from Louis C.K. I changed the last part….

ACCA is an anime adaptation based on a manga series by the same name written by Ono Natsume. The anime adaptation is made by Studio Madhouse and aired from January to March of 2017. Thank you Siana for telling me about this series!



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Jean Otus also known as Jean the Cigar Peddler is a member of ACCA’s internal inspection department, he is in charge of visiting all 13 districts and auditing them. He is one of the most calm character I’ve seen in a while, almost nothing phases this man, he gets kidnapped, he doesn’t look disturbed at all.


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Nino is Jean’s best friend also a reporter. He is almost always seen with a camera and loves to be with Jean and Lotta, Jean’s sister.He is very quite and gets whatever necessary done.


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Lotta Otus is Jean’s younger sister. Although I don’t think they say it out loud, she is in high school. She is very bright and most innocent character in the show.


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The Five Chief Officers of ACCA 13 are top ranking members of ACCA and some of the most powerful people. Starting from the right is Spade, Grossular, Lillium, Payne, and Pastice. Each are from different district. The main people are Grossular and Lillium.


Image result for acca princePrince Schwan is the crown prince of Dowa. And he’s a spoiled brat. Such a brat that he’s ascendance may stir up a coupd’etat.



Jean Otus works as a kind of internal investigation officer for organization called ACCA. By the highest members of ACCA, Jean is given the task of auditing all 13 districts of country of Dowa.

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Jean does not realize that he is being watched by many powerful political people as they believe he is somehow involved with a coup d’etat against the crown. Without knowing it, Jean has become the center of political hurricane that will impact the entire country.


the Bad

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The series is only 13 episodes, and during this, Jean goes to 13 completely unique districts. But there are episodes dedicated to flashbacks, to set ups, and so forth, meaning less than an episode is dedicated on average to these great districts. There is a district whose food is so bountiful everyone is gigantic, there is a district that is so in love with its traditions that they do not have cell phones, there is a district that is so hot that everyone lives underground.

Going off of that, there are a lot of characters in this series: Jean and his coworkers, the 5 Chief Officers, the Director General Mauve, the police, the royal family, and so on. With so many characters and so little time, only a couple of characters got the screen time and flushing out they deserve. I knew not everyone is going to get there own episode, but I was hoping at least we get to know more about the 5 Chief Officers.


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This might be a spoiler so I will be vague. When the “bad guy” was revealed, I wasn’t sure how to feel. Not because of the story, but how much it coincides with real world politics. I wasn’t sure if the show was just trying to tell a story, or make a political statement.


the Good

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At heart of ACCA 13 is a mystery, and it was great. From early on, you know there is a coup d’etat happening. Everyone starts to seem suspicious. And one of the biggest mystery was “how is Jean Otus related to this coup?”. When one one part of the mystery is solved, then another rises. Who else is part of this, who is one whose side, is this for the best, and so on. At parts of the story, I found myself doubting even Jean himself.

Another thing I liked about ACCA 13 was that everyone, except for one or two characters, is smarter than they look. Almost everyone in this show is part of government and part of a large conspiracy. I like this.



The opening I thought was great. At first I thought it was just pretty, but as the story goes on more and more of it seems like a quick recap on who the characters are and what their relationships to each other are. If you can’t already tell from the opening theme song, the show’s presentation is top notch. The colors are vibrant and the animation is great.


Image result for acca 13 food

Image result for acca 13 food

This show is obsessed with food. Every single episode is filled with sweets, bread, and other delicious things. Every time Jean goes on a audit, he eats food. It’s great, and it is not just fluff. Food is one of the most unique aspect of every culture. Every food in each of the districts is different. Poorer areas have tougher bread, that one district has gigantic food, and one is known for their sweets. These food reflect the district. Also the fact that Jean is always buying presents subtlety shows that despite how he may look, he deeply cares for Lotta and his friends. If you like seeing animated food, this is a great show for you.



  • Will I watch it again? Yes, I am wondering how the show will feel once you know all of the mystery’s answers. But I think I will wait some time.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, this show feels like less bloody and more classy Game of Thrones in that no one is trust worthy and everyone is involved in politics whether they like it or not. Just a lot less violence.


Final Thoughts

This was recommended by a friend, and I am glad I gave it a go. Unlike many shows, it does not have that much violence, action, shock, or even moe. It chooses to focus on the world it built and the subtle politics and cultures that inhabit it. I had no idea what the show was about and even after couple of episodes, I wasn’t sure, but I was hooked. There is this mystery that was brewing, and I wanted to see how it went. And I was happy to see it.

This is one of those shows that is really good by itself. I don’t know how it could have a second season, but I would prefer it not to have it. Not because I don’t want to see it, but more like what else can be added without feeling like fluff?

I hope you liked it!


2 thoughts on “ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Anime Review

  1. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Yeah, I hope they don’t continue the story. It kind of feels like it has done exactly what it needed to and any more would just be stretching content and giving it a chance to derail.

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