One Piece Arc by Arc part 10: Sky Piea arc

“In this world, there is a God. It’s me” – God Enel

It has been awhile, but here is the next one. Now returning to present. I did this one after the flashback so it will be more coherent to talk about for me. I decided to mix in some images from other media rather than exclusively using manga pages.


New Characters

Image result for one piece manga enel

God Enel does not believe in god given rights, he believes he is god and therefore his words are natural order of the world. He is the possessor of the Rumble Rumble Fruit and is extremely powerful and terrifyingly dangerous.


Image result for one piece manga wiper

Wiper is the leader of Shandoran rebellion, and he is also descendant of Calgara. He wants to take back what was once their own land from God Enel.



The Knock Up Stream truly does take the Straw Hats into the sky, or the White Sea. Here, the crew discovers the Sea Cloud and Island Cloud, the two main types of cloud that make up the floating islands. The Sea Cloud is cloud that can be sailed on, but it still flies in the sky. And Island Cloud is cloud that can be walked on and support structure but still fly in the sky.

Image result for one piece sky island manga

Within hour of arriving in this new location, the crew gets their first taste of sky combat against a Shandoran warrior and appearance of Knight of the Sky Ganfall. After Ganfall helps the crew, they reach the island of Sky Piea


Image result for one piece dial manga

After thei landing, the crew meets Connis, a local, and learns of Dials. Dials are these shells that can store and use whatever they are made to do. So Flame Dial and adsorb and give off fire. And Impact Dial and absorb and distribute pure impact. Using these magic dials, anything from home appliances to vehicles to weapons can be crafted.


Image result for one piece upper yard

After the introduction to the new culture, Connis warns them to never go near Upper Yard, God’s holy land. Upper Yard is made of earth, material that is non-existent in the sky. Upon hearing this, Luffy chooses his next destination. A little later, the crew meets the local military and has an argument. Turns out they accidentally enter Sky Piea illegally and are asked to pay a hefty fine, to which Nami attacks the officer and starts a fight. After winning the battle, the crew decides that it may not be the best to stay in Sky Piea and prepares for descent back to the Blue Sea (one with water). Then a giant lobster kidnaps the Going Merry in name of God to Upper Garden.


What is left of the crew, Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp goes to town to buy a ship. There, Luffy notices that everyone is afraid of something, especially Connis. When Luffy asks her what is wrong, she immediately breaks down and tells them it was her that summoned the lobster and she has to do this because God watches over all. Just then, a pillar of light strikes down upon the, luckily Ganfall returns to save them. Connis begs Ganfall to reclaim his position as God, and the Crew, on their tiny new ship, heads to Upper Yard to punch God in the face. Turns out Sky Piea is not heavenly as it looks, closer to totalitarian dictatorship than paradise.


Image result for one piece upper yard

On the kidnapped ship is Nami, Zoro, Robin and Chopper trying to figure out what just happened to them. Being bored of waiting on the ship, Nami, Zoro, and Robin decide to explore Upper Yard- Zoro wants to punch God in the face, Robin wants to explore, and Nami wants to find treasures. Leaving Chopper all alone in a dangerous jungle, poor kid.


Luffy’s group enters Upper Garden to see 4 trial gates: Trial of Steel, Trial of Swamp, Trial of Strings, and Trial of Orbs. Watching them are the Heavenly Hosts of Upper Garden. Luffy chooses Trial of Orbs because that sounds most fun.

Image result for one piece satori manga

Here, there is a new type of clouds, Orb Clouds. They have surprise hidden in them, like Mario Kart item boxes, except they are usually bad and sometimes explode. Here they meet Satori of the Heavenly Hosts who uses Orb Clouds and Impact Dial. The crew beats him and move on.


Image result for one piece shura manga

While Luffy’s group defeated Satori, Chopper and the Going Merry is ambushed by Shura, another one of the Heavenly Hosts. Chopper cries for help, and Ganfall comes to save the day again. But this time, Shura strikes him down, and Chopper jumps into the sea to save him… total defeat here.

Outside of Upper Yard, the Shandorans find out that former God Ganfall has entered the Upper Yard, something that never happens. Believe this is an opportunity to take take their stolen land of Shandora, the Shandorans decide to launch do-or-die all out assault on Upper Yard. Once the Shandorans enter Upper Yard, there are officially 3 parties in this battle: the Straw Hat crew, the God army, and the Shandorans.

Quick note, starting this point of One Piece, more and more of Haki is revealed. I will make a separate most going more in depth, but this is not the first time Haki has been seen. In Sky Piea, readers are introduced to what Sky Pieans refer to as “Mantra”. Mantra can range from feeling presence, to detection, to foresight. Back tot he story.


Image result for one piece jaya house

During their exploration, Nami starts to notice things. Things that are familiar while they shouldn’t be. And then, they see the Cricket house, the other half. Upper Yard is the missing half of Jaya, the part that turned Mont Blanc Cricket into a liar. Norland Cricket was right, his ancestor was not a liar, but the golden city did not sink, it ascended beyond the clouds. Zoro’s group returns to find Chopper and Ganfall, who were rescued by birds…, then shortly after were joined by Luffy’s group, the gang is back together. They all share what they learned: Upper Yard is Jaya and holds the golden city of Shandora, there are Heavenly Hosts, many members of the enemy has Mantra. With this, the crew decides their goal, they are going to get some gold!!!

During the night, Usopp sees a ghost visiting the Going Merry. A ghost with a hammer. Next morning, the Going Merry was fixed.

Next morning, the day of true battle starts. The crew splits into two groups, the exploration team and the evacuation team. Exploration team consists of Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Chopper. And the Evacuation team consists of Nami, Sanji, Usopp, and Ganfall. The exploration team finds the gold and fight when necessary, and the evacuation team brings Going Merry out of Upper Yard to extraction point and the evacuate from Sky Piea. Little bit into exploration, the exploration team is ambushed by a giant snake (a major player in battle to come) and the exploration team got scattered…. they are lost separately.

God Enel makes a prediction, there are 81 people on the grand battle (50 God Army, 3 Heavenly Hosts, God Enel, 7 Pirates, 20 Shandorans) and in 3 hours, only 5 will remain. With this the elimination game of survival starts.

Wiper defeats Shura with Reject Dial, a much more powerful and more destructive version of Impact Dial, Wiper’s ultimate weapon. Zoro defeats Braham, one of the leaders of Shandoran warriors, the one with light guns. God Enel himself zaps to the Going Merry and defeats Sanji and Usopp. Luffy is engaged in a fight with Wiper. Chopper defeats Heavenly Host Gedatsu. God Enel defeats Kamakiri, Shandoran warrior, by just being there, by running his electric self into Kamakiri. During his battle with Wiper, Luffy is eaten by the aforementioned giant snake. Within first 2 hours, only 24 remain. Robin defeats Yama, the head of God Army. Ohm of the Heavenly Hosts defeats Chopper.

Image result for one piece chapter 267

The giant snake, Zoro, Ganfall, Wiper and Ohn eneters a battle royale. While this is happening, Robin finds Shandora, the golden city. But the gold is no where to be found. Back to the battle, Nami and a Shandoran child Aisha accidentally enter the battle scene trying to escape the giant snake. While Zoro, Ganfall, and Wiper tried to save them, the giant snake swallows the two girls. Enel defeats Raki, a Shandoran warrior that is opposed to this suicide mission. Inside the giant snake, Nami, Ganfall, and Aisha finds Luffy wh ohas no idea he is in a snake. Zoro defeats Ohm.

Robin is research the ruins of Shandora. She finds out that, more important than gold, is a Poneglyph, maybe I will talk about this some other time, not too relevant at this moment. God Enel zaps in to congratulate her on her skills to research, and tells her he and his people took the gold for his project, Maxim. Enel, realizing that he still has not obtained the greatest Shandoran treasure, the Golden Bell, decides he will search the whole country until his 3 hours run out. A survivor of Enel’s attack reaches Connis and informs her that God Enel intends to destroy all of Sky Piea and its residents at the end of his game. During a ruckus, Nami and Ganfall escapes the giant snake, leaving Luffy and Aisha behind.


One Piece Chapter 273 Page 18

Nearing the end, Enel strikes down the giant snake, leaving 6 people left: Enel, Zoro, Robin, Nami, Wiper, and Ganfall. Enel tells them God’s prediction cannot be wrong, one of them has to go. So in unison, everyone tells Enel to go fuck himself. Laughing, Enel tells them his plan, to make everything fall, men do not deserve to be in the sky. Once this is all over, he plans to go to the promised land. Hearing this Ganfall attacks Enel and is defeated. Will Ganfall gone, Enel offers the 4 survivors seats of Heavenly Hosts. Robin rejects and is then electrocuted. Seeing this, Zoro and Wiper attacks Enel.

Wiper jumps on Enel, and using Seastone shoes, makes Enel vulnerable and kills Enel using the Reject Dial. And for a split second, there was a sigh of relief, then…. something terrifying happens.


One Piece Chapter 275 Page 19

Using this electric powers, Enel massages his heart to bring himself back to life. Enel proceeds to defeating Zoro and Wiper. Seeing as resistance is futile and to buy herself some time, Nami agrees to follow Enel. Follwoing this, Luffy and Aisha finally escapes the giant snake. Robin, who is barely conscious, inform them that Enel has Nami and he is planning on destroying Sky Piea. Enel shows Nami his grand project, the arc Maxim, but he notices another presence. And finally, Luffy reaches Enel.


One Piece Chapter 278 Page 18

Finally, God Enel vs Pirate Luffy. Enel attacks Luffy, and…. it doesn’t do anything…. because Luffy is rubber. And seeing he omniptence slipping away, Enel makes one of the greatest faces in One Piece history.

Image result for enel face

Although Enel’s pure electric attacks don’t work on Luffy, that is not all he got. He still has Mantra, heating metal, pretty much teleportation, and shape shifting. And the Maxim takes flight, battle between the Pirate King and the Sky God starts.


Image result for one piece maxim

Maxim, the arc of destruction, not onlyu flies but amplifies Enel’s powers. It produces Enel’s special Thunder Clouds that cover the skies of Sky Piea black. Enel manages to put a giant golden ball (not that golden ball) onto Luffy’s arm and pushes him off  Maxim. In exchange, Sanji and Usopp (after regaining consciousness) grapple hook their way on to Maxim. While Nami and Usopp distract Enel, Sanji breaks parts of Maxim. And the three make their escape off of Maxim, good thing that clouds are soft. With all distractions gone, Enel starts his apocalypse, starting with rain of lightning. Followed by ball of lightning.

Image result for one piece raigo

With a single hit, the Raigo (above) destroys an island of Sky Piea. Preparing for a second Raigo, Enel finds the Golden Bell of Shandora, his last objective on Sky Piea.

Image result for one piece golden bell

Finding his final prize, Enel starts the second Raigo, one much larger than the last. This one will surely destroy all of Sky Piea. With everyone’s help, Luffy enters the Raigo and somehow destroys it (the science of this is really vague). And reaching Enel one last time, Luffy gives everything he got and destroys Enel as well as ringing the Golden Bell, first time in four centuries. Everyone in Sky Piea, and people of Jaya below hears the beautiful rings of the bell.


And with this image, this arc’s grand battle ends.

After a feast, Luffy and crew decides to steal gold and run away, you know, like a pirate. Of course, as the Straw Hats saved the entire country, the people of Shandora and Sky Piea were already planning on giving them literally anything they desired.

The villagers find the dropped Golden Bell. On there, they find a Poneglyph. Robin takes a look and it describes the location of an ancient weapon Poseidon, similar to the Poneglyph of Alabasta. More importantly, there is a message in Poneglyph symbols, a message from Gold D Roger, the Pirate King. It says “I carry this message to the world’ end” which Robin believe holds the Rio Poneglyph, a stone that contains the Blank Hundred Years. Thus further cementing Robin’s ambitions as same as Luffy’s to find One Piece, the ultimate treasure.

With treasures stolen (which is less than what the people offered) the crew descends back to the Blue Sea. The crew is not richer, has Dials for research, and decides they need to get a shipwright!


Thoughts on this Arc

I apologize if the ABA is little incoherent, there was a lot of stuff happening in this arc with a lot of characters. I had to omit a lot of things.

I love this arc, but at the same time I see some flaws with it. While other arc accomplished more than giving us a fun story, this one was just that, fun story. Hear me out. The Arlong arc gave us Nami’s tragic past, and Luffy’s status as the most powerful pirate of East Blue. The Alabasta brought the Straw Hats to new level of infamy, now actually on World Government’s radar, as well as getting Robin as a crew member. But this one, apart form Robin learning that her goals completely align with Luffy’s and introduction to Mantra, not too much was gained. It was fun, but not much was gained.

Well, that is it for now, next up, Davy Back Fight!



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