Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo LN vol 2 Review

This is my review of second volume of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo series, the first volume’s review is available here. The book was written by Akatsuki Natsume and the art was done by Mishima Kurone.

As there are not too many images in the light novel, I am going to use some pictures from the anime. This is a short one, as many points have been covered in the anime review.


New Characters

Image result for konosuba wiz

Wiz is a Lich, a powerful undead monster. But she is non violent, and usually is victim of Aqua’s harassment. Aqua hates her because Lich is natural prey to gods. Wiz runs a magic shop and is friend to Kazuma.


Image result for konosuba keith

Keith and Dust and their party are somewhat interesting characters in this volume. Keith is the leader who become close with Kazuma, and Dust is a guy who walked in Kazuma’s shoes and empathizes with his life. Keith and Dust kind of form a brotherhood with Kazuma.



The story follows the party after the battle with Demon Lord’s general Dullahan Beldia. Due to the damage Aqua did on the town, Kazuma’s party is in debt. Throughout this novel, the party is trying to make money to pay off the debt as well as not sleep in the stable during the winter.

The stories are mostly episodic, there is a story about Kazuma switching places with Dust and join another party for a day, they find a dungeon of a romanticist wizard of old, and fighting the Destroyer.


the Bad

There is not much I found bothersome with the novel, it is very enjoyable. But one thing that disappoints me is that the mechanics of this world is not really explained. The lively hood of this world is similar to an RPG, but how much? There are mentions of characters’ stats. For example, Aqua mentions that she has the highest level in the party, level 21. But since she is so OP, her stats does not get better, especially her intelligence. But her level means nothing to me as I don’t know if that is high in comparison to everyone else in town. Are they level 5 or 18? Is she vastly ahead or only a little? Has she capped already and there will be no improvement for her? These questions are never answered.



the Good

This is true for most original content, but there are more content than the anime adaptation. Volume 2 forms the latter half of the anime series. The anime is 10 episodes long, and this begs the question, why only 10? Most anime seasons these days are 12 episodes, but Konosuba was cut to 10, but there are more content, so why?

One of these stories is Kazuma’s day with with the other party. This story really highlights Kazuma’s strengths of being careful and cunning than any other character in the story so far. While Kazuma is in this party, Dust spends a day with Darkness, Megumin, and Aqua, and experiences totally unbalanced party where the healer doesn’t heal, the tank is a masochist that actively seeks danger, and a mage that can only use one spell once. This was great, was sad that it never made it to the anime.


Image result for konosuba vol 2

Aqua is the worst, and that makes her the best. But in this volume, we get to see Aqua’s good points. Aqua was a goddess and she has determination and pride in exorcising souls that cannot ascend. There were many times in this volume where Aqua played a great role, blessing areas, getting rid of monsters, and even saving lives. She is still rotten to the core, but is competent.



  • Will I read it again? Well, it is an easy read, but there are a lot more books in the series, so I will move onto that. Maybe I will return, but not anytime soon.
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, as mentioned above, there are more content here that was not included or mentioned in the anime. And it is genuinely funny.


Final Thoughts

The more comedy animes I watch, the more I appreciate KonoSuba. For me, KonoSuba is genuinely funny to me, and I love the characters here. Kazuma is relentless brutal to his party members and Aqua is relentlessly terrible, and this is great. The characters are hilarious and their adventures and goals are always interesting. And I cannot wait to read more!


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