IT (2017) Movie Review

IT is a 2017 remake of 1990’s TV movie IT which was based on Stephen King’s novel called IT. Wow… that is a very inefficient way to say that sentence.



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Starting from the left is Stan, Eddy, Ritchie, Mike, Billy, Beverly, and Ben, and they form the Losers’ Club. Stan, Eddy, Ritchie and Billy were already friends prior to the start of the movie, then the rest come together to fight against Pennywise.


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Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the titular “It”. It is an inter-dimensional demon that scares Derry once every 27 years.



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The town of Derry has incredibly high rate of children go missing and no one seems to care except for the children. Georgie, Billy’s little brother, one day meets and gets murdered by Pennywise the Clown. Refusing to accept that his brother is dead, Billy searches the town for any clues.

During his search, he meets other troubled kids like Mike, Ben and Beverly, and the Losers’ Club discover some mysteries of the town and has to face Pennywise.


the Bad

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The horror aspect of the movie fell really flat, not once in the entire movie was I scared. Some of the scenes were somewhat eerie, but never scary. Maybe I am desensitized, or this is just not a scary movie.


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There were 2 parts in the movie that got close to being scary. First is that the main bully in the movie is obviously a serial killer in the making, the terrible relationship with his father + cruelty to animals, and so on. The second being Beverly’s relationship with her father, let’s just say it is not wholesome.


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The biggest weakness for me is Pennywise himself. He is too much in the movie, how he looks and talks is no longer scary because you’ve seen him so many times. Compare that to how much of the Xenomorph you see in the original Alien. The unknown is far scarier than the known.

Another thing about Pennywise is that he has such a hard time taking care of seven children. If the monster in a monster film is struggling with seven children, how am I suppose to think it’s scary? And this thing is suppose to an inter-dimensional demon? Part of me started to believe this is just a homeless man dressed as a clown…. that might actually make more sense.


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Another aspect of the movie I think detracted away from the scare were the special effect. Pennywise can transform into other monsters, but they were very CG looking… not for a minute did they look real to me. Now think about the practical effects from the Thing, those were great and grotesque. I can easily believe they were real, because they were. If this movie used more of practical effect, I think it could have delievered those punches more effectively. The point is you have to sell the scare, and I didn’t buy. There were many jump scares in this movie, and those are never great.


the Good

Although it sounds like I had bad time with the movie, I actually had a lot of fun.

The children, aka the Losers’ Club, are by far the best part of the movie. In this single movie, I became fond of those characters. When I saw the kids, I got worried that their terrible acting would ruin the movie, but they did a fine job here!

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Each of the kids had their own struggle. Billy lost his brother, Mike lost his parents, Eddy is a germaphobe, and so on. While I don’t think all of these kids were necessary, they were a lot of fun to watch.¬†How the movie was shot and the interactions between the characters were great. Reminded me a lot of Stranger Things rather than a horror movie.

Both intentionally and unintentionally, the movie made me laugh a whole lot. The jokes being thrown around were so crude I remember me and my friends saying something similar when we were younger, sometimes even now.



  • Will I see it again? Sure. Although it may not sound like it, I genuinely had a good time watching this film.
  • Do I recommend it? As a horror movie…. no. As a feel good drama movie that starts children like Stand by Me? Then yes!


Final Thoughts

My biggest problem with IT is that it is a horror movie. I think I would’ve enjoyed this more if I were a kid, that being said, I think IT would make a fantastic “baby’s first horror movie”. As an adult, I loved every bit of the Losers’ Club hanging out and solving the mystery, that half of the movie was just wonderful.

Let me know what you thought!



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