Daredevil Season 2 Review

Daredevil Season 2 is follow up to season 1, which was reviewed here. It takes place little after fall o Wilson Fisk and the consequences that brings to Hell’s Kitchen. It is once again from Netflix and it was uploaded on March of 2016



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Matt Murdock aka the Daredevil is the guardian demon of Hell’s Kitchen, like before. He has more support now then he did in season 1.


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Frank Castle aka the Punisher is an ex-soldier who came to Hell’s Kitchen to make sure those who deserve it gets the execution. He is wrath personified, he is here to judge and execute evils of Hell’s Kitchen.


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Elektra is Matt’s old girlfriend. She is really strong and has serious bloodlust. She knows Matt’s secrets, and the two seem to have trouble keeping their hands off of each other. She is smart, sexy, and can be cruel to her enemies.



The story takes place little after Wilson Fisk’s arrest. Because of that, there is a power vacuum in Hell’s Kitchen and bunch of mobs are planning to take over. And then they are completely blindsided by the incarnation of righteous wrath, the Punisher.

Elektra comes along a little later to push Matt to embrace his inner demons. And she is fighting people who are part of Yami no Te aka the Hand (of Darkness).


the Bad

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Well, this may be more personal opinion than anything, then again this is my review. I hated Matt in this season of Daredevil. I said he was one of more quieter characters in terms of presence, well it is still somewhat true here. But one big change is he becomes a complete dick to his friends. I am aware that the risks are getting higher and higher, but he completely brushes off his friends, his job, and pretty much everything except being the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He does not help out his company at all, he tells Foggy to stop bitching because Matt is not going to change, and he tells Karen she doesn’t need to know anything on why he is pretty much dying. In this season, he is absent lawyer and a shitty friend, active vigilante though.


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Well, Matt and Karen kind of starts a relationship, but to me this came out weird. In the first season, Karen spent way more time and had way more chemistry with Foggy, and Matt was only there when he felt like it. This relationship felt like it happened because Matt was Daredevil, which she does not know. I was not a fan.


the Good

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If you thought Wilson Fisk was brutal, let me introduce Frank Castle, the motherchucking Punisher. Unlike Fisk, show is just freaking strong and violent, Frank has military training, mastery in weapons, freaking strong and violent.

What I love about Punisher in this season is that he not not the villain. He is a man with a mission whose path crosses with Daredevil’s. He is not portrayed as an antagonist that needs to be taken down, but rather a man Daredevil might become if he crosses the standards set up by Batman. The only difference between Punisher and Daredevil, not Frank and Matt, is that Punisher kills.



  • Will I watch it again? No, it was good, but I don’t feel the need. I will see watch the next season, but I don’t feel the need to watch it again.
  • Do I recommend it? If you liked the first season, if you like Punisher, or if you like Elektra, then yes.


Final Thoughts

The highlight of the season for me was Frank Castle as the Punisher, and I look forward his having his own series. But compared to the last season, I thought it was weak. While the Hand is interesting, there was no charismatic face like Wilson Fisk. While Nobu was there, he seemed more preoccupied looking mysterious rather than being interesting. I was glued to season 1, but season 2… not as gripping.



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