Death Note (2017) Movie Review

“Once dead, they can never come back to life” – Rules of Death Note

Yeah, this is the lesser good live action version of one of the most influential manga in the world. Death Note is 2017 adaptation of manga of the same name. Death NOte 2017 is directed by Adam Winguard and was released in August of 2017 on Netflix.



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Yamagami Light…. I mean Light Turner is the protagonist and the owner of the titular Death Note. He is a high school student who gets his hands on Death Note and decides to kill criminals as the mysterious Kira.


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Amane Misa…. I mean Mia Sutton is Light’s girlfriend. She is attracted to Light after she finds out he has killing powers.


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L is a super secret detective. While he is calm most of the time, as soon as something does not go right, he loses his cool instantly.


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Ryuk is the god of death and the one who brought the Death Note to earth. He dropped the Death Note next to Light to start the plot of the movie, and just watches Light from there on.


the Good

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Well… the movie looks nice and clean, but to be fair, movies these should be in that standard unless the intentions are to look less refined.


the Bad

I will not compare this movie to the manga/ anime… that comes later. This is movie as itself. That being said, there is still a lot to cover.


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The biggest problem I had with this movie is Light. Throughout the whole film, he seems to be halfassing everything. His goals are vague and I have no idea what his end goals are. Even if his goals were more clear, I doubt he could have pulled it off as he frequently gives up on his goals. Light Turner has no determination. Mia is entirely correct when she calls him a pussy.

We are told several times how smart and bright Light is… but we never really see that except at the end. That is simply not enough. Everyone knows the rule to show and not tell. But there are a lot of times where Light acts stupid. He tells Mia almost instantly what Death Note is and how it works, because his boner needed a friend. He reads Death Note and discusses parts of his plans of murders in public, I was surprise no one in the movie said “wait… what did you just say?”. He immediately assumes Ryuk is plotting against him while Ryuk has no real beef with him. The list goes on, there are more evidence that he is sloppy and dumb opposed to being smart and bright.


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Now let’s talk about the main antagonist of the movie…. I guess that’s L. Throughout the movie, L makes rather large jumps in logic to deduce that Light is Kira. Almost with in what seems to be 2 days and one look at the evidence, he concludes that Light is Kira, and the movie seems to suggest that the viewers are too dumb to understand the logic and just glosses over it real quick, saying the info leak made it possible to conclude Light is Kira.

I am not going to pretend that I can spot good acting, I am not really good at that. That being said, in the whole film, it seemed like only L and maybe Ryuk was actually trying to act. Everyone else was so bland and boring in delivery.


A while ago, I made a post on my thoughts on adaptations, I still hold true that. When it comes down to it, I don’t care if the film does not follow the source material, as long as it was good. And I don’t think Death Note was good. It felt like dumbing down the source material for an audience that wanted a romcom with action.



  • Will I watch it again? No
  • Do I recommend it? No


Final Thoughts

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What did you expect. It’s another live action version of something that shouldn’t have been live action. Well actually, I remember seeing 2006’s live action Death Note and being impressed, so if you want to watch live action Death Note, see that one instead. Maybe I should see that one next.

Obviously, as a fan of the original manga when it first came out, my biggest issue with the movie is how it spat on the source material’s face. Not because it was different but because it warped the ideas of Death Note. On the Bad section, I started writing on how much it devolved the original concept and that went on forever so that will be a separate post.

Hope you liked this!



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