Kingsman: the Golden Circle Movie Review

“Consecutive punches… are for finishing off your opponent. You must invest each one with murderous intent.” – Deep Sea King from One Punch Man

Kingsman: the Golden Circle is a sequel to Kingsman: the Secret Service from 2014. The movie was released September of 2017, and it is once again directed by Matthew Vaughn.



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Eggsy Unwin aka Gallahad is one of the members of the Kingsman spies. Since the first movie, he now has a pretty stable relationship from his anal experience, and pretty damn experience spy.


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Merlin is a support role for the Kingsman, helping them with access to info, hacking, and pretty much anything else. Although, he does see a lot more action in this film.


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Whiskey is a veteran member of America’s Statesman. Like a great cowboy, Whiskey is apt with revolvers and lassos.


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Poppy Adams is the antagonist of the film. She is the most successful drug cartel the world has ever seen. She laced her drugs with poison to hold the world for ransom.



Story follows Eggsy roughly a year after the events of the first movie. He then gets ambushed by Charlie, the reject from the first movie, and Kingsman comes under fire from Poppy’s men. Seeking help, Kingsman contact their American cousins, the Statesman, to take Poppy down.


the Good

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The allure of the Kingsman is this gentlemen spies, well the Statesman is here to show how America does it, and they have their own style. I was excited to see the American cousin of classy Kingsman, and they did not disappoint.


the Bad

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The movie does what old school movie sequel does, which is to repeat what the first movie did. Apart from introduction of the Statesman, everything felt like it was rehash of the first movie but more.

When I say more, I don’t mean that in a positive light. This movie makes the first movie seem subtle. There were so many action scenes with so many more camera zooming in and out, I was kind of numb by the end. There were so much crammed into the movie, it was hard to digest everything. There were some death scenes of characters, but the movie had to keep going so no time was allotted for digestion. Compared to the first movie, this one felt like a supersized version you have hard time finishing.



  • Will I watch it again? Eeeeeeeh, maybe. While I think the first film was a lot better than this one, this one was still pretty enjoyable.
  • Do I recommend it? If you liked the first film, then yes. If you didn’t, this one won’t change your mind all that much, unless you are really into cowboy style.


Final Thoughts

This was more of Kingsman again then “more Kingsman”. Like the quote on top, while there were more punches than the first movie, each punch lacked impact of the original. I think if the movie cut down on some of the events and made what is left more meaningful, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

What did you think?



3 thoughts on “Kingsman: the Golden Circle Movie Review

  1. I thought this movie was a little better than the first Kingsman. The story was decent, the characters, especially the new ones like the Statesmen, were interesting and funny in their own way and the action and fighting sequences were so intriguing to me personally and the main reason why I liked it a lot. I may be going off a mindset of a young child who enjoyed it just for the action scenes but I can definitely see some of the flaws you mentioned. 🙂

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    1. I think the Statesman agents and their unique fighting style was highlight of the movie. The actions were great, I just thought they were diluted a bit. I wouldn’t mind seeing a third one, and more Statesman never hurts!

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