Okja Movie Review

Okja is a Netflix original movie that was released in May 2017 in the States and June of 2017 in South Korea.



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Mija is the protagonist of the film. She is a country girl and she raised Okja with her grandfather.

Okja is a super pig made by Mirando Corporation. Okja was given to Mija’s grandfather for the contest.


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Jay is leader of Animal Liberation Front, an activist organization trying to free animals from cruelty. Their biggest target is saving Okja from Mirando Corporation.


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Lucy Mirando is CEO of Mirando Corporation and the mastermind behind the super pig competition.



In New York, Lucy Mirando starts a super pig raising contest for the best super pig, a genetically superior pig. This pig will be better for environment, be larger and more delicious. The pigs were sent all over the planet to various selected farmers to be raised for 10 years.

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Then 10 years pass by and in Korea, Mija and her grandfather raised the largest and healthiest super pig, Okja. Mija apparently never got the memo and is shocked that Mirando is taking Okja away for contest/ slaughter. Now she is trying to save her pig from the Mirando Corporation, with some help from Animal Liberation Front.


the Good

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The heart of this movie is Mija caring so much about her pig Okja. From the beginning it is clear that Okja is more than a pig to her, Okja is only family she has apart from her grandfather. Since there is a girl trying to rescue a pig from an elderly women who loves gold, this movie just kept reminding me of Spirited Away.


the Bad

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I get it, the meat industry is messy. The movie felt like a ham-fisted rant about cruelty involved in the meat industry. Yeah, we get it and we know. I don’t think I would’ve been as bothered by this if the movie entertained the grey area that exists, say something like the original Lorax animation. In Lorax, the titular Lorax and the “villain” the Onceler discuss how they realize the harm that large industries cause, but at the same time the industry supports life of thousands of employees. This understanding of the grey area makes the short animation more balanced and have stronger argument. This black and white mentality Okja has seem rather immature and completely biased.


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The acting in this movie felt really… inconsistent. The American actors’ actings all felt really over the top, except for maybe Gus from Breaking Bad. And I don’t think I would be bothered by this but the Korean actors’ actings were rather more subtle and serious, more realistic. This weird contrast really makes the Americans looks crazy, unless they are part of the Animal Liberation Front.



  • Will I watch it again? Eh…. probably not. The movie was okay, but the ham-fisted delivery of its message makes it a bore to watch, especially since the plot is eh.
  • Do I recommend it? Eh…. not really. It is far too uncomfortable to watch as a light film but too goofy to be a commentary.


Final Thoughts

This movie was exactly what I expected, a nicely packaged ham-fisted movie about cruelty of the meat industry. I will say, I did not expect to see 3D animated pig getting raped by another 3D animated pig.

I hope you liked it!





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