Justice League Movie Review

Justice League is a team up film much like the Avengers. Justice League is made by Warner Bros and DC, it was mostly directed by Zack Snyder and then Joss Whedon. It was released in November of 2017.



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Batman aka Bruce Wayne feels guilty that he killed Superman and realizes that Earth is prepped for an invasion. He, with Wonder Woman, begins recruiting people to combat this alien army.


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Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince is second of the founding member of the Justice League. She is helping Bruce to recruit superhumans that can fight against the army of Apokolips.


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Steppenwolf is the villain of the movie. He is from outer space and has been on Earth before. He worships Darkseid and wants to collect the Mother Boxes to pretty much enslave Earth.



Justice League takes place about a year after Batman Vs Superman. Spoiler alert, Superman is dead. This made the world sad and ripe for invasion.

On Earth, there are these demons… Parademons that appear and they are looking for something. The heroes figure out that the ancient foe of the world, Steppenwolf, is returning to Earth to recover the 3 Mother Boxes. Now Batman and Wonder Woman have to recruit people with abilities to make sure the world does not get invaded.


the Good

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For one thing, the movie is brighter than previous DC films (except Wonder Woman). I mean both visually and tonally. I am not saying that every movie should be bright and funny, that would not be okay, but movie starring the Flash and Wonder Woman definitely should. Hell, I was sad now grim Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman was, and it had Superman, the man of tomorrow in it!


the Bad

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This might not bother everyone but it seems like everyone in the movie wants to bang Wonder Woman. I get it, Gal Gadot is hot, but does every character have to have an enormous boner for her? In one scene in the movie, the Flash falls on top of her like in an anime. This seemed really out of place.


The tone of the movie seems to be all over the place when it comes to humor and seriousness. There were a lot of scenes where I had no idea what the tone was suppose to be, is this scene suppose to be serious? If so, why are there all these awkward jokes? Or was it suppose to be funny?


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There were a lot of little things that bothered me. Like how Aquaman calls Bruce (as Bruce Wayne) Batman in front of the entire fishing village and Batman not giving a fck. Are we  suppose to assume that the village doesn’t speak English or know who Batman is?

And when the Parademons explode, they leave behind the military plans for our heroes to look into. What kind of military general would make sure that the foot soldiers leave behind what they are looking for the enemies to see?



  • Will I see it again? No… If it was on TV while there is nothing else to watch, then sure. But I would not spend my own money on it.
  • Do I recommend it? If you are a fan of DC movie, then sure. This is an alright movie. But if you aren’t, then don’t waste your time on it.


Final Thoughts

Well, it’s better than Batman vs Superman. This movie was… okay. Not great, not awful, it was alright. It is pretty clear that 2 different director with 2 different tastes made the movie. I didn’t think it was a waste of time, but it is not that memorable. Overall, I think it’s a step in the right direction, but it is not there yet.



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