Top 10 Memorable Suns from Manga, Anime, and Games

A while ago, I did a Top 10 Memorable Moons from Manga, Anime, and Games. Here is the counterpart, the suns!


10. The Sun Cult of Enen Shouboutai

Image result for enen no shouboutai sun'

This one is a bit vague, so I will place it here in number 10. In Enen no Shouboutai, there is this religious cult around the power of the sun, since fire is such a big element in the series, this makes sense. Here, the sun provides energy as well as worshiped, and there are people trying to literally burn the planet. The atmosphere created by the sun is rather interesting.


9. Sun from Dark Souls III

Image result for dark souls sun

While the moon from Bloodborne is iconinc, Dark Souls III’s sun makes its cover. Dark Souls III is about fire, and this red ring in the red sky definitely fits in the atmosphere.


8. Sunny world from BioShock

Image result for bioshock 1 ending

If you know anything about BioShock, it’s that it takes place in underwater city of Rapture. Being below the surface, there is absolutely no natural light in Rapture. So when you do see the sunlight at the end, the whole atmosphere changes from claustrophobic to refreshing.


7. Sunset from Witcher 3

Related image

This one has no real meaning behind it, it’s just absolutely breathtaking. Almost every play session, I stop to admire the sunset. Here is a hint, turn off all the HUD and just take in the view.


6. Sunset from Undertale

Related image

The world of Undertale takes place beneath the surface. So many of the characters of the Underground want to see the sun as many has never scene it. Throughout most of the game, it is rather dark and desaturated in terms of color, and when the sun comes up, oh boy.


5. Mark of the Sun Pirates from One Piece
Image result for one piece sun pirates

This might be cheating since it is not an actual sun, but I think it deserves a mention. The Sun pirates use this logo, many in the world of One Piece do not know what it signifies. In One Piece, there are the Tenryuubito, the World Nobles, and they have slave that are branded with the hoof of the dragon. The brand of the Sun Pirates overwrite the dragon hoof to represent freedom from the slave owners and will to rebel.


4. Sun from Super Mario

Image result for mario sun

The very angry from Super Mario. Something about this angry sun that attacks you relentlessly is pretty memorable.


3. Sun from Digital Devil Saga 2

Image result for digital devil saga 2 sun

The sun from Digital Devil Saga 2 is very special in that it turns those who are exposed it to stone. The protagonists of the game realize that the sun will without a doubt destroy the world, so they have to challenge it.


2. Sun from Soul Eater

Image result for soul eater sun

Like the moon from Soul Eater, the sun has a personality. During the day, it is happy and it gets sleepier as the evening draws closer. While not as creepy as the moon, it is definitely memorable.


1. Sun from Okami

Image result for okami sun

Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun, and the sun from Okami does not disappoint. While the sun ability is mostly used for changing time, during the final battle against Yami, the incarnation of evil and darkness, nothing is more refreshing than ray of sunlight.

I hope you liked it!


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