Star Wars Ep VIII: The Last Jedi Movie Review

Star Wars Episode VIII: the Last Jedi is the eighth movie in the Star Wars movies. It is the second film made by Disney. The Last Jedi was released in December of 2017. It is a direct sequel to Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens.



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Rey has finally found Luke Slywalker and has to convince him to teach her the ways of the force. She knows that clock is ticking but Luke just wants to be left alone.


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Poe Dameron is with the main forces of the Resistance. He has to deal with the Imperial flagship chasing him and his group.


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Finn returns as the resident Imperial expert, and Rose a mechanic (?) of the Resistance. The two are tasked with leaving the Resistance forces to find a way to infiltrate the Imperial flagship.


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Luke Skywalker does not need an introduction. He left, he hid, and he wants to be left alone. He lives in the most unfindable place in the galaxy and is mad that he is found.



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Last Jedi has 3 separate story lines. Poe and the main forces of the Resistance is on the run from the Imperial flagship. Finn and Rose are on adventure to find the mysterious code breaker to infiltrate the Imperial flagship. And Rey is tasked to learn from and bring back Luke Skywalker. Clock is ticking and it does not look good for the Resistance.


the Bad

Well, I don’t think this is a  spoiler.

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The end of the Last Jedi is only a tiny progress from the Force Awakens, the entire movie makes little changes to the overall plot. At the end of Force Awaken, Rey tapped into the force but had not mastered it, Poe is being a hot headed warrior, and Finn is that guy that knows Imperial stuff. And by the end of this movie, Rey tapped into the force but had not mastered it, Poe is being a hot headed warrior, and Finn is that guy that knows Imperial stuff.


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To make things worse, the 3 main characters: Rey, Poe and Finn, do not really meet in the story. The fact that near the end of the film is when Rey and Poe meet for the first time does not help.

One of the biggest problem I had with this movie was it seems tonally confused. The second movie in a trilogy is usually the darkest part, like the Dark Knight and the Empire Strikes Back. This movie seems to be more focused on appealing to everybody than telling a good story. What I mean by that is it has a lot of unnecessary, even detrimental, jokes all over the movie that cuts into the gravity of the situation. This is exactly same as what happened in Doctor Strange.

There are parts of the movie I think that could have been handled differently… I realize this is me bitching more than anything else, but then again, this is my blog. I think certain characters should have died when they had the chance. There seems to be a lot of characters we have to remember now, and everyone sharing the spot light feels more detrimental than good. I think Finn’s section could have been shortened to make more space for Rey’s training. I was hoping to there was more development for Rey and Kylo Ren. I can keep going but I will stop here.


the Good

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Unlike the previous film, the Force Awakens, this movie is not a copy of the Empire Strikes Back. While I liked the Force Awakens, its similarity to the New Hope is distracting. Sure there are parts of the Last Jedi that is from Ep V, like the Hoth battle, it was mostly new. In fact, it played on audience expectations and went the other way in a lot of them.


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Some of the visuals in this movie is pretty great. The Hoth battle part 2 was pretty great to watch. The flares of red on white snow… I mean salt was visually striking, it would make Ladd Russo very happy.


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Best part of the Last Jedi is its expansion of the force. Luke goes into the force in more depth than anyone else has in the series. He explains and let’s Rey explores it. It is emphasized here that the Force is in everything, not limited to people who was born with it (taking a dump on the prequels). Force is still a mysterious concept, but I was happy with how it was handled.

Taking the Force is in everything, the Last Jedi has a different message than many of the previous films, “your lineage does not determine who you are”. Sure, Luke does not join the dark side like his father (spoilers?), but the entire prequel trilogy and the original trilogy was about the Skywalker bloodline. Luke was looked after and trained because he was a Skywalker, and also because he was a good guy, but the fact that he was son of Anakin did play a role.



  • Will I watch it again? Sure, I am planning to watch it again with my family.
  • Do I recommend it? I guess. It was not spectacular as I would have liked, but it was not a bad movie by any means.


Final Thoughts

I am not a fan of Star Wars franchise, sure, I have seen all of the movies, but I think a lot people have. I loved the Force Awakens, and this one was just alright. I was more good than bad, but it was not great for me. It had tonal problems, and some parts of the story went nowhere. But I would be lying if I said I felt ripped off. It was an alright movie.

Well, I hope nobody hates me too hard.



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