Top 10 Favorite Witcher Songs

I haven’t talked about the Witcher in awhile, so here are some of my favorite musics from the Witcher series. I think the music gets better every game, so there are a lot from the Witcher 3.


10. River of Life from Witcher 1

This is one of the calmer pieces, reminds of of a calm stream of water, that might be because of the title. This shows the peace or lack of chaos that is still there in the Witcher world, also it is the very thing Geralt is protecting.


9. Tough Times from Witcher 2

This might be the most epic song for the Witcher series. It starts softly the escalates into more epic feel, highlighting the more aggressive part of the series.


8. Ladies of the Woods from Witcher 3

This song paired with the creepy canvas painting of the Crones of the Crookback Bog was one of the creepy moments in the game. This song wasn’t scary, but it was unnerving, especially since at this point, you have no idea what the Crones look like, but you know they are ancient and powerful. This was a great scene.


7. Whispers of Oxenfurt from Witcher 3

This is the song that plays in one of the most memorable places in the game, Oxenfurt. This music captures the feel of the city. Oxenfurt is a great city known for its academy. This song feel elegant and feels like it is urging you to explore the streets of Oxenfurt.



6. Dusk of a Northern Kingdom from Witcher 1

This is the song that started the journey. Slightly melancholic, and very dreamy, and then transitions to an adventure. I think this is a fantastic way to start the trilogy.


5. Priscilla’s Song from Witcher 3

This is a great song as well as neat introduction to Priscilla, Dandelion’s love interest. This really shows the quality development since the first game where Dandelion’s song was more….. crude.


4. Drink Up, There’s More! from Witcher 3

This is one of the most upbeat music in the game. And it’s great. I just want to get drunk and dance with strangers when I hear this. Playing card games is cool too.


3. Steel for Humans from Witcher 3

One of my favorite battle musics of all time. This gets you pumping to fight in the Witcher 3. And this always make me remember Angry Joe swaying to this song.


2. Sorceresses from Witcher 2

I love this song. This one is dark and mysterious with hint of magic, kind of like the Witcher 2.


1. Fields of Ard Skellig from Witcher 3

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but I am not too great at anything when it comes to music, especially background music. But the Fields of Ard Skellig actually got through to me to a point where I just stopped and let the music play. I stayed like that for a while, not sure how long. This was my first time where I just listened…. it was great.


I hope you liked this list!


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