New Game Season 2 Anime Review

New Game!! or New Game Season 2 is sequel to New Game, which I have discussed before. The series, once again, is based on manga of the same name by Tokuno Shotaro. The anime adaptation is made by Doga Koba. The season consists of 12 episodes and ran from July to September of 2017.



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Suzukaze Aoba is the protagonist of the series. Thanks to her design, she is promoted to lead character designer. She is still figuring things out… that is about it.


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Takimoto Hifumi gets promoted to design team leader, making her Aoba’s boss now. She is working on being more social.


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Mochizuki Momiji is a new hire. She joins the team as a designer working under Hifumi. Like Aoba, she worships Yagami Ko, and this sparks a rivalry between her and Aoba…. well for Momiji, Aoba is not that into it.


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Yagami Ko is promoted to Art Director, and takes more of a back seat in terms of involvement in the story.



The story takes place shortly after the end of season 1. It has been a year since Aoba joined Eagle Jump. There is a new game that is being developed and people need to get cranking to make it a success.

After success of their last game, Eagle Jump is making a new IP, and Aoba becomes the lead character designer.


the Bad

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Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in the first season, but there is so much more fan service in this show. I don’t hate fanservice, but only if it fits, and it doesn’t really feel at home here. This is most evident in the camera angles than anything else. A lot of scenes are focused on the boobs or the crotches of the characters for no real reason. Since the story has nothing to do with ecchi, it feels even more out of place. Less fan service would have made this stronger as a whole.


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In the working place, there is a lot of things that is not okay, one of those things is sexism. In this season, Aoba asks her boss why there is only women in the company/ anime. And the boss straight up tells her because this is her harem where only women are acceptable, and men will do nothing but disrupt the peace… Do you see the problem here. This only works because this is an anime. If a real company’s upper management said this, it would be freaking outrageous. Imagine if Square Enix only hired women and excluded men based on gender alone. If the boss said some other bullshit, I think I would be okay with it. But saying this shit and getting away with it is a giant middle finger to game companies and people who work there. Aoba pretty much got the job because she matched boss’s taste, Aoba is did not know any 3D programs, nor technical vocabulary, nor proper work etiquette, and did not go to college for degree in her field… All I am saying is that double standards are high and supported in this series.


the Good

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As usual, the show is very cute and the colors are very bright.

There are a lot of improvements from the first season. Unlike the first season, which was devoid of any technical information or the politics of the industry, season 2 has some… not a lot, but baby steps.


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There is this real sense of progress, which you don’t see often in a cutesy slice of life. Several of the characters, including Hifumi, Yagami, and Aoba, get promotion that actually alters their responsibilities and relationships. Not too drastically but it is there. The new characters further emphasize this by further solidifying the promoted positions. The fact that the team is designing a new game from grounds up brings new challenges to Aoba, which we didn’t see too much in the last season as much of the hard work was done by the time she arrived.


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Romance is more upped in this season than the last. Yamami and Rin and borderline married at this point and Yun and Hajime and noticing each other more. This is better than… what ever it was in the first season.



  • Will I see it again? No. Nothing here really merits a second time.
  • Do I recommend it? This is much better than the first season. But remembering how frustrating the first season was…. I cannot recommend this one. It has too much needless fan services, there is extremely little development or any stories, and ultimately forgettable. It is a cute show, but apart from maybe one moment, I don’t remember a single thing in the entire series.


Final Thoughts

This was a lot better than the first season. I thought the first season gave me nothing, except for couple of cute characters. This season, there is sense of progress, actual industry related issues, and even little romance.

That said, it is held down by fan service that detracts from the overall feel of the show as well as casual passing off of sexist remarks regarding how the company is run.

The season ended in an interesting place, so I am actually interested in what Season 3 has to offer. Have you seen this? What do you think?



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