One Piece Arc by Arc part 11: Davy Back Fight arc

This is one of the smaller arcs, rather than having a large epic like previous arcs, this one is based around a single festival, followed by show of power from the Marines.



New Characters

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Foxy the Silver Fox is the captain of the Foxy Pirates. He doesn’t have much of a story, other than he is a slimy bastard with underhanded tactics. But he does have one of my favorite fruit power, the Slo Slo Fruit.


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Kuzan, AKA Aokiji, Admiral of the Marines is one of the most powerful person in all of One Piece. He is second highest person along with Akainu and Kizaru, only outranked by Sengoku the Fleet Admiral. He has the power of Ice Ice Fruit and can free pretty much anything. He and Robin has a history, in that he terrifies the living hell out of her.



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Arriving back onto the Blue Sea, the crew arrive on a small island, Long Ring Long Island. There the crew meets a man called Tonjit who is separated from his migrating clan because he was stuck on stilts…. yes. His horse, Shelly, is the only way of transportation. He and the crew bond because… they are all weird. Then Shelly is gunned down by the Foxy Pirates.


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The Foxy pirates taunt Luffy into participating in a pirates game called Davy Back Fight. Davy Back Fight is a series of games between pirates where everything they own are up for grabs. If a team wins a round, this team can steal anything from the loser team, be it a crew member, any possessions, ships, or even the symbol. This is a high risk game. There are three rounds. Luffy being Luffy, he had no idea how the game works and now the entire crew is participating.


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The first round is a race around the island. Each team has 3 members in the boat, for the Straw Hats, Nami, Robin and Usopp are up, against Foxy pirates’ Porch, a freaking shark and a freaking merman. During the race, it becomes clear that this is a pirates’ game, in that breaking the rules, biased ref (as he is a Foxy pirate), and using weapons is all good. While Foxy’s crew has the steam power and team back up, the Straw Hats has Nami’s navigation skills, Robin’s ranged offensive skills and Usopp’s Impact Dial to give boost. The Straw Hats were about to win, then Foxy intervenes.


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Foxy uses his Slo Slo beam to stop Team Luffy and wins the race. After the victory, Foxy takes Chopper to be his pet. And here is the thing. Chopper is suppose to be in the next round along with Zoro and Sanji… well not anymore.


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Next up is the Groggy Ball. In Groggy Ball, you have to take the other team’s ball and put it in their goal, just once. Sounds simple right? Well, the ball is a person so….. yeah. On Team Luffy, there is Zoro and Sanji, with Sanji becoming the ball. And on Team Foxy, There is Hamborg the gorilla (?), Pickles the gorilla (??), and Buns the giant slimy merman, the giant is the ball.


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Initially, Sanji and Zoro constantly got in each other’s way, and the fact that Team Foxy is using weapons (which is supposed not allowed) does not help. After being beaten to a pulp, Zoro and Sanji get their shit together, and destroy Team Foxy. With this, the Straw Hats get Chopper back. And now for the finale, Captain vs Captain, full on brawl.


Related image

The Foxy Pirates cheat, again, and chooses their ship as the fighting grounds for their beat down. Luffy, powered by the afro, is better than Foxy in combat, but Foxy has the home advantage and has his Slo Slo powers. After getting the shit beat out of him, Luffy uses a mirror to use Foxy’s power against him and takes him down.

With Foxy defeated, Luffy takes Foxy’s symbol and gives Tonjit Foxy’s sail. And they discuss how they can help Tonjit catch up with his clan, and then one of the most important person in the world interrupts, Marine Admiral Aokiji.


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Seeing Aokiji, Robin falls to her knees out of sheer terror. Aokiji, again, is one of the Marine Admirals, one of the most powerful people in the world. He has tracked Robin down to this island just to observe. He overhead Tonjit’s dilemma and decides to help him reach his clan. Once reaching the shore, he puts his hand in the water freezes pretty much the entire all of the water around the island.


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After saying farewells to Tonjit, Aokiji decides that the crew is too dangerous, to be more accurate, he thinks the crew is not a threat now, but based on their growth rate, they will be very powerful real soon. Based on this analysis, the crew has to die. He starts by freezing Robin entirely.


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Hearing this, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji attack. In an instant, without even moving his feet, Aokiji starts wrecking the trio, just by being in physical contact with him. Seeing how dreadful the situation this became, he challenges Aokiji to 1-on-1, giving rest of the crew a chance to escape. Without breaking a sweat, Aokiji freezes Luffy entirely. Seeing that this is 1-on-1, Aokiji decides to not follow the rest of the crew. Seeing Luffy as interesting, he lets Luffy live, also that he was not here on a mission, rather a personal business to see what the Straw Hats are like.

After safely thawing Robin, the crew returns to get Luffy. After both of them regain health they set off to the next island, Water Seven. But Robin seems like something has changed inside her.


Thoughts on this Arc

This might be the shortest arc in the series, maybe longer than the first couple. I thought Davy Back Fight is a filler, nothing of consequences happen, but after reading the whole series of events that takes place on Long Ring Long Island, I think the entirety of Davy Back Fight was to let the reader’s guard down with defeat of Foxy, only to show Aokiji.

I love Aokiji, and his introduction was fantastic. Aokiji goes to show the difference in power that still exists in One Piece. At this point in the story, Luffy defeated a Shichibukai, and went to heavens and punched a god, then he came back and got destroyed. To make it worse, Aokiji defeated the “Monster Trio” without even trying. This showcase gave me hope, that there is so much left in the series, so much room for Luffy and the crew to grow. To me, Aokiji represents hope I have for rest of the series.

I hope you liked it, next up is Water Seven!



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