Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 remake of the film of the same name from 1991. The film was made by Disney, and if you haven’t seen the original animated film, I don’t know what to tell you.



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Belle is a nerd that reads, but she is hot, which makes people conflicted….. Belle dreams of a life that is beyond the ordinary, beyond the little village, and boy, does she get to see that.

Beast is a prince that was cursed by the enchantress. He has to learn how to be human, to be… human. He is a dick, but a dick with a heart.


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Gaston is a sexist dick.



Do I really have to go through this? Ok, I will.

Long time ago, an enchantress disguised as an ugly person crashed the prince’s party, and she gets rejected. So she curses everyone in the castle to eternal damnation of being furniture, except the princess who became a lion dog person.

Belle is a village girl that dreams of something larger. One day, her father gets lost and enters Beast’s castle. Picking a rose for his daughter, Belle’s dad gets imprisoned for life. Belle’s dad’s horse returns to the village, and Belle takes it right back to the castle. She makes a deal with the Beast to be his prisoner instead.

The housewares decide if the Beast does not fall in love with Belle, they are screwed, they now they are trying to make them like each other.


the Bad

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Let’s start with the Beast… why is he not practical effects. When he is in the shadows, it looks alright, but in the light, the CG looks so obvious. I was so impressed when I saw that most of the creatures in Krampus were practical effect. I put picture of Krampus above. Krampus seems to be far more complicated and difficult to pull off and yet they did it beautifully, seeing that the Beast was a CG effect was disappointing.


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The music in the movie are great…. what I meant was the music they brought back from the original animated movie were good, they reminded me of the good times. The new versions of the old songs were passable, but the new songs were entirely forgettable. I do not remember a single new song from this movie. Giving the music credit seems misplaced since the old movie did it, and this one merely emulated it.


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The atmosphere, the visual mood, of the film is rather grim and gritty. Even in the brighter moments, the set and the lighting looks a little off. When I think of a Disney film, I see bright colors and family friendly atmosphere. But here, the movie seems like happier moments from Game of Thrones. The story is rather light in tone, but the realistic visuals don’t quite match it.


the Good

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There were couple of moments in the movie that I actually liked. Belle’s excitement in seeing Beast’s library, and the fact that he is as well read, or maybe even more read, than she was excited her. Here you can she her meeting a person she wants to have a conversation with.

The second moment was near the end where the characters fully become furniture and you see Potts frantically looking for her child, not giving a shit what else is happening. And her not finding him was pretty heartbreaking.



  • Will I watch it again? No, if I were to revisit this story, it would be through the animated version.
  • Do I recommend it? Well, it’s on Netflix. If it wasn’t, then no.


Final Thoughts

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This movie tried to recreate the original animated movie, but came up short. It was too similar to the original, but when original did it, it was fresh and magical, now it is just emulation. When the movie tried to do something new, it was not memorable. At least with new Cinderella, they gave the prince and Cinderella actual grounding for a relationship. And with Maleficient, it was a different perspective. I am not saying those movies were great, but they were different enough to some what separate themselves from the original.

Beauty and the Beast is a special movie in my family, because my first words were butchered quote from this movie, the Korean version. So seeing this made me feel really weird. It sounded like what I remembered, but I don’t really recognized anything. If it were more experimental, I think that would have been better.


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