Mononoke Review

As requested by Hanya, here it is.

Mononoke is a spinoff series from another anime series Ayakashi. I have not seen this yet, but I will get to it eventually. Mononoke was released in July of 2007 and has 12 episodes. The series was made by Toei Animation.


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The medicine seller is the protagonist of the series. Professional he sells medicine, but on his time off, he slays mononoke.



There is no over arching story through Mononoke, it is an episodic series. Most stories start out with people coming in contact with a mononoke, a spirit that has a malicious (or unpleasant) motives. The medicine seller just happens to be there and solves the case.

The medicine seller has a sword that can slay the mononoke, but in order to unsheathe his sword, the medicine seller needs to know the Shape (the true form of the mononoke), the Truth and the Reason.


the Bad

There isn’t that much I can say that is bad about Mononoke.

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But I cannot help but to feel that Mononoke led with the most gut wrenching story first. It was a fantastic start, don’t get me wrong, but except for the final story, I thought that the other stories did not measure up to the standard of the first story.


the Good

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The first thing you will notice is that the visuals are so freaking amazing. Every shot of the anime can be a screen shot, or even a painting, it is absolutely beautiful. Seeing how the texture move reminded me of Gankutsuo, another beautiful anime.


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The way everyone moves does not seem natural, and this works to Mononoke’ advantage. The show feels like a play rather than depicting what really happened, it was a lot more theatrical than real, I hope this makes sense. Also, the frame rate is low, but instead of making the show look outdated, it gives this dream like hazy feel, which perfectly works with the tone of the show.

When I first started this, I didn’t know what kind of show this was going to be. If I had to say, it is close to a detective show, a who-done-it thriller with supernatural elements. And the stories told are pretty hard core. There is murder, abuse, conspiracy, sexism, and more. It does not shy away from dark topics.


Final Thoughts

  • Will I watch it again? Yes! the show is a work of art and the stories do not hold back its punches.
  • Do I recommend it?

A lot of my friends have not heard of this anime, but they have seen the pictures. The shots from the show are so unique that it stays with them even years after then first seen it. This show is much more than a pretty wallpaper. The anime is a collection of rather dark stories performed by fantastic visuals. I loved every episode of it, and thanks to Hanya for recommending it for me!


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