Pokemon Sun and Moon Unboxing

No, the other copy is for a friend. I’m not that desperate just yet. I decided to play Pokemon Moon version, although I plan on waiting until the Poke Bank updates so I can start with a Larvitar. I ordered this version(s) from Amazon, I do believe it is their exclusive Steelbook case. Hope you like it!

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Top 10 Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon

Here is my list for Gen 3! I still remember my mom picking me and my brother up from school and surprised us with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions! That was a great  day, and continued my experience of Pokemon.

Here is the link to Gen 1 list and Gen 2 List.

Let’s get this started!

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Top 10 Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon

A little confession. My parents did not let me play many games when I was little, and was little late to gaming. My first video game of all time was Pokemon Gold, and it is to this day, my favorite Pokemon game. Because of this, the Gen 2 has more significance to me than Gen 1. To see the Gen 1 list, here is the link!

With that said, let’s start this.

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