Random Thoughts: High School and Manga/Anime

Often I hear the question “why high school” and this is a very valid question as so many of anime takes place in high school or feature high school aged characters. So here is my take on this question.

Please note that this is not about demographics as almost everyone in Japan has exposure to manga and anime, but they’ve been around the Western world for only a couple of decades. This is more of why rather than who.

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No Game No Life Light Novel Review (Vol 1-3)

“Accept that because we were born with nothing, we can become anything” – Sora

No Game No Life is a light novel series written by Kamiya Yuu. The series started back in 2012 and is still ongoing now. Recently, an anime adaption was made, but we are talking about the light novel today. Since the novel doesn’t have too many images, so I will be borrowing some from the anime.

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Top 10 Favorite Couples in Manga and Anime

Well it’s Valentines day, so here is a list to remind me how lonely I am.

I want to say here that these are not “ships” but characters who does go beyond a crush to an actual relationship. If they do not get in a relationship, they are not considered. This does reduce the numbers by a lot, and I don’ think that is a good thing…

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo LN vol 1 Review

Well, first Light Novel review, this will be filed under Manga, so I don’t have too many tabs on top. A while back, I did an anime review on this series, and keeping my word, I started and finished the first book.

The book was written by Akatsuki Natsume and the art was done by Mishima Kurone.

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Top 10 Best Dads in Manga and Anime

I thought this would be the natural follow up to Worst Dad and Worst Mom lists I have done in the past. And I found myself having so much more difficult time with this. What makes a Dad great? Well, here is my attempt to find this out. Please remember that this is my opinion only, and these are from series I have experienced personally, so something like Bleach is not on here since I don’t follow it enough to say I know the characters.

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