Kotobukiya HAW 206 Recolored

Hi, this is a rare moment where I recolor a plamodel I previously made. Here is the original HAW 206 from Ghost in the Shell below.

Photo Apr 30, 2 08 00 PM

After making the model, I thought it looked rather bland. I mean its color range goes from Warm Gray 3 to Cool Gray 7, with hint of white. So I thought maybe I should spice it up. So here is my new HAW 206!


Photo May 14, 9 42 24 AM

Photo May 14, 9 45 06 AM

Photo May 14, 9 44 46 AM

Photo May 14, 9 43 00 AM

So here is my quick paint job. As I was a little closer, and do not have a proper spray booth, there is some texture to the surface of the model.

Well, what do you guys think? I hope you liked it!



Toy Collection 21: Nendoroid Saitama

Starring today is Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Saitama from One Punch Man. If you know me, I love this series and Saitama is just awesome, just look at that bald head.

Photo Apr 01, 4 01 52 PM

Saitama comes with 2 faces, the serious face and the goof ball face we all love. Also there are 2 capes, one fluttering in the wind and the one with out it.

Photo Apr 01, 4 04 09 PM

He also comes with a grocery bag, because that is the most important part of his life.

If you look at the sculpt on the model, as always, it is grate. The head is a single piece, making it rather heavier than expected, especially compared to other Nendoroids since most of them are more empty, like the Stormtrooper.

This is a very short post since Nendoroid Saitama is very simple in design and in execution. The colors are bright and the sculpt is great, nothing more I can ask for!


Toy Collection 17: Bishoujo Batgirl

I don’t think I talk about it too much here, but I am a huge fan of Batman, in most media. And one of my favorite characters from trhe series is Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, later days Oracle. This figure is from Kotobukiya and their Bishoujo series, they are fantastic.

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