New Game! Anime Review

This is an anime about making games, not a new game anime.

I like schlock animes, and this is definitely one of them. The characters are cute as hell and I do enjoy watching it, but the plot is complete garbage, even on slice of life standards. This anime is as much an anime about making games as K-On is about doing music.


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Amaama to Inazuma Anime Review

Amaama to Inazuma aka Sweetness and Lightning, is a cooking slice-of-life anime based on manga series of the same name. The anime was made by TMS Entertainment and the manga series was written by Amagakure Gido. The anime series ran from July to September of 2016, and has total of 12 episodes.


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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Anime Reviw

“So Chiyo, have you received anything from the guy you like?”

“Yup, his autographs”


I started watching this series thinking it would be just another generic slice of life high school romance thing that get produced, boy was I in for a treat. After watching the anime, I immediately bought all the manga and this series became one of my favorites of all time.

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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Anime Review

Also known as Tanaka-kun is always Listless, is an anime adaptation of Uda Nozomi’s slice of life manga series. The anime started April of 2016 and just finished recently. The anime was made by Silver Link. I watched this show on Crunchyroll, so check there if you are interested.

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World of One Piece: Marine Admirals

It has been awhile since I blabbed about One Piece, so here we go.

The pride and the might of the Marines in the world of One Piece, the three admirals. These soldiers are so powerful they can change landscape and weather of an island permanently. They can also summon Buster Call, an island destroying maneuver, at will. They don’t take orders from many people, exceptions being the Gorosei of the World Government (link here) and the Fleet Admiral. Continue reading “World of One Piece: Marine Admirals”

Top 10 Worst Moms in Manga and Anime

Since I did Top 10 Worst Dads in Manga and Anime, I thought it would be fair to do this one. There are some spoilers here, so be warned!

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions! Upon reading the manga and watching the anime, here is the list! Please note that I have not seen every manga and anime ever created.

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