Second Anniversary!

I cannot believe it has been another year since the beginning of this blog. This year, a lot more people visited this little blog than before, thank you for your support!!

Here is another great year!

Since I am writing this, but I have no idea how many people will respond, here goes. I take recommendations very seriously. I only recommend things I genuinely enjoyed, and I am pretty proud to say I have seen/read most of material that was recommended to me. With that said, if there is anything you want my thoughts on, now’s your chance!

Let me know if there is any manga/ anime/ game you want me check out!

Thanks, and to another year!


First Anniversary of Gitopia!!

Hi everyone, I want to thank those of you who come and read my stuff! It has been a year since I started my anime blog on Tumblr originally (migrated to WordPress on July of 2016). Since I started this little project, I now play games and watch anime and read manga more critically, for better and for worse.

Before this blog, once I come to work, I just wasted the day playing games or melting into my couch. Once I started this, I think I have been more active, seeing animes I was telling myself I would watch, as well as revisiting some of my favorites.

Thank you again for all your support, and here is another year of Gitopia!!