One Piece Arc-By-Arc part 9: Shandora Flashback

“The story book showed him with a grinning face, but he was actually shedding tears of hate and injustice when he died” – Montblanc Cricket on his ancestor Norland

As this series strayed from just being a retrospective piece, I renamed it to Arc-By-Arc, where it will be about a series, arc by arc. I think it makes more sense. I retitled the previous parts, FYI. Here is a link to part 8.

This is a story that shows what really happened and how the tragedy of Norland the King of Liars came to be. This is the first flashback in One Piece where its entire purpose is to set up and link 2 arc while involving none of the main protagonists.

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Top 10 Favorite Paramecia Type Devil Fruit Powers

Of the Devil Fruits, this one was the hardest to make. There are so many powers out there and I want to talk about all of them! Maybe someday. This is purely based on powers alone, so although I love Luffy, Gum Gum Fruit is not listed here.

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