Pokemon Sun and Moon Unboxing

No, the other copy is for a friend. I’m not that desperate just yet. I decided to play Pokemon Moon version, although I plan on waiting until the Poke Bank updates so I can start with a Larvitar. I ordered this version(s) from Amazon, I do believe it is their exclusive Steelbook case. Hope you like it!

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Nintendo Switch First Impression

Let me say this first so it is very clear, I want Nintendo and the Switch to do extremely well, I am fan of their IPs and hope nothing but good for them. That said it would be a lie if I did not have my concerns.

For those of you unaware, Nintendo recently announced their new console coming out, here is their trailer:

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SMT Devil Survivor Retrospective

This is the first Shin Megami Tensei games I played on the Ninendo DS. The game was released by Atlus in 2009. The character designs were done by great Suzuhito Yasuda.

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