Design Twins: Black-haired Sexy Glasses Man

It’s been quite a while since I did Design Twins, so here is another one. This time I am showing some men that wear glasses, has dark hair, and general can be considered “sexy”. Here we go.

Please remember this is about the looks, not about their personalities or characters.

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Sakamoto Desu Ga Anime Review


I just finished watching this little comedy, and I had a good time. Sakamoto Desu ga is an anime adaptation of  manga series of the same name written by Sano Nami. The anime was made by Studio Deen, started in April of 2016 and ended just recently.

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Design Twins: Black Short Hair Girl

Well, when I did the Generic Protagonist one (linked here) I was called a racist. But this is regarding design and how similar, sometimes same designs, are used over and over again in anime and manga. I assure you, I am not a racist, and these are not people, they are characters. So with that out of the way, let’s do this!

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