Persona 5 Premium Edition Unboxing

So, after having my heartbroken on Valentines, Persona 5 did not arrive until Thursday afternoon, and now I am finally able to do this. Jokes aside, I don’t mind delays, unless it is like 10 years….

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Unboxing

No, the other copy is for a friend. I’m not that desperate just yet. I decided to play Pokemon Moon version, although I plan on waiting until the Poke Bank updates so I can start with a Larvitar. I ordered this version(s) from Amazon, I do believe it is their exclusive Steelbook case. Hope you like it!

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Loot Anime Unboxing: November 2016


This month’s theme seems to be food, the good kinds. Just want to call out the manga of the month, which we have discussed before, Amaama to Inazuma. We talked about the anime adaptation before, please take a look here! I will read the manga, at least the first volume and let you know what I think!