Final Fantasy X Game Review

Final Fantasy X is one of the most well known RPGs of all time, well, it is a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy X was released back in 2001 on the Playstation 2 and was remaster in HD for PS3 in 2013 and for PS4 in 2014 (JP) and 2015 (US). And PC version was released in 2016. This was the groundbreaking game that brought Final Fantasy to the new generation. FFX was made by the folks at Square Enix. The version I played was Final Fantasy HD Remaster for the Playstation 4.

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Final Fantasy IX Game Review

Final Fantasy IX is the third and last FF game on the Playstation 1. It came out back in 2000. Once again, it was made by Square, today’s Square Enix. I believe there is a PC version that came out in 2016, but the version I played was the PSN version on my PSP.

A little disclaimer, some of the images are from the PC port, which I think is a remaster, so they look better than the version I played on.

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Final Fantasy VII Retrospective

With Final Fantasy XV out, I thought it would be a nice time to start this series of things.

I was introduced to the Final Fantasy series in my high school days, I know it’s late. I knew the name but never actually played it. Then my roommate, and very close friend of mine, introduced me to Final Fantasy VII as the gateway drug to this roller coaster. And that is how I started this series.

If you don’t already know, Final Fantasy VII is a Square (now Square Enix) JRPG game that was released n the Playstation 1 back in 1997. It was re-released on so many platforms after its incredible success. I played mine on my PSP with PSN release of the game.

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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Retrospective

So Valkyria Chronicles 2 is where some controversy among the fans started to develop. Valkyria Chronicles 2 was made by SEGA and was released on the PSP in 2010. Yes, while the first game was released on PS3 console, this was released on the handheld PSP…

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