Kaguya Sama Seaon 1Anime Review


First Impressions - Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai  Zunousen - Lost in Anime

Shinomiya Kaguya is the protagonist of the series. She is genius rich lady with questionable common sense. Shirogane Miyuki is genius but poor student council president, who has common sense, except when it comes to Kaguya.


Kaguya and Miyuki have feelings for each other. But their dumb teenage brains told them confessing = losing. So they come up with ridiculous plots to get the other to confess to them


The show is very aware of how absurd the premise is, but the characters involved are taking things little too seriously. And this disconnect is where the comedy lies. Kaguya slitting her family car tires to make an excuse walk to school was brilliant.

The entire cast of this series was extremely likable. Kaguya has this extreme love and hatred for Chika, Miyuki can be overly pragmatic, Ishigami is terrified of Kaguya (for the right reasons), and Chika is Chika. The show had perfect amount of characters and used them effectively.


There is very little I disliked… The show is laser focused on Kaguya and Miyuki, so I want to see more development on other characters, especially Ishigami as he has much smaller screen time as he arrives later in the story.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed this series. It knew perfectly what it was and ran with it. I fell in love with the series so much, I got the manga and read past where the anime ended.

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