Character Talk: Letho

“Initially, she watched my every move. But, sooner or later, everyone starts treating me like a big oaf. I mean, I can’t change how I look.” – Letho on Witch Sile

Letho is the main antagonist of the second Witcher game, the Witcher 2: Assissins of Kings. He is the one that killed King Foltest and jump started the plot of the game. As he is the main antagonist of the game, I will be spoiling the end of the Witcher 2. SPOILER WARNING!!

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Character Talk: Otacon

Otacon aka Hal Emmerich is a brilliant scientist and engineer from the Metal Gear series. He first debuted in legendary Metal Gear Solid 1. He is responsible for building Metal Gear Rex during the Shadow Moses Incident. Be warned, there are spoilers for MGS1, MGS2, MGS4, and MGSV: Phantom Pain.

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