Random Thoughts: Sequels

Ironically, this is sequel to Random Thoughts: Prequels.

In some sense, I feel that sequels are harder than prequels. The sequels have to live up to the original movie, usually meaning higher stakes and grander scales, and that doesn’t always mean good things.

This is going to be a long one.

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Random Thoughts: High School and Manga/Anime

Often I hear the question “why high school” and this is a very valid question as so many of anime takes place in high school or feature high school aged characters. So here is my take on this question.

Please note that this is not about demographics as almost everyone in Japan has exposure to manga and anime, but they’ve been around the Western world for only a couple of decades. This is more of why rather than who.

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Nintendo Switch First Impression

Let me say this first so it is very clear, I want Nintendo and the Switch to do extremely well, I am fan of their IPs and hope nothing but good for them. That said it would be a lie if I did not have my concerns.

For those of you unaware, Nintendo recently announced their new console coming out, here is their trailer:

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